US Celebrates $15 Trillion In Debt By Announcing Latest $99 Billion Forward Issuance Calendar

Barely has America had the pleasure of enjoying its new found status as a 15-handle country (as in $15 trillion, or $15,033,607,255,920 to be specific) that the US Treasury went ahead and announced its latest forward issuance calendar of $99 billion in bonds and $11 billion in TIPS. Sure enough, by the end of next week, total US debt will be greater by $62 billion including a Bills auction, bringing the revised total to just under $15.1 trillion, and less than a $100 billion from the re-re-revised debt ceiling, even as the Supercommittee is deadlocked beyond fixing. Also, this means that even assuming the Q3 GDP is not revised lower, total debt-to-GDP will almost certainly surpass 100% by the end of the calendar year since December will have at least another $100 billion in issuance net of redemptions.

Source: US Treasury