Visual Summary Of AMZN: 263x PE Multiple, 1.2% Operating Margin, $7 Million Net Income And 69,100 Employees

Amazon's AH stock price may be up or down, or sideways, but here are the three charts that make us scratch our heads as we valiantly try to explain how a company which just said it will have 'Operating income (loss) inbetween $(350) million and $(50) million" and currently has a 263x P/E, is worth anywhere close to where it is trading.

First, here is AMZN's total employees and worldwide sales growth. The blue line is self-explanatory. The red one shows that the firm has grown its employees by 150% in the past two years.

Next, here is AMZN's Trailing Twelve Month Operating Margin, which has collapsed from just under 5% to just 1.2% in the past two years, and its TTM Net Income, which at last check was $377 million, which fits about 263 times inside its market cap of $100 billion.

Finally, here is what AMZN's quarterly operating profit and net income were. At June 30, the company with 69,100 employees and over $54 billion in LTM net sales, posted... $7,000,000 in Net Income.


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