Will America Ever Recover From The Housing Crisis - A Real Estate Infographic

Back in March, on the back of the last gasp of yet another central bank-induced sugar high (in this case mostly LTRO 1+2), as well as economic data skewed by record warmth, a plethora of housing bottom callers (we would call them analysts but they are anything but) emerged from their hibernation and did what they do like clockwork every year: called a housing in bottom. Sadly, now that the market has topped out, at least for the current easing iteration, it appears that the housing triple dip as measured by Case Shiller will shortly be a quadruple dip. And so on, and so on, until the question becomes: will America ever recover from the housing crisis. We don't know, but we do know one thing - fixing an excess debt problem with more debt won't work. Period. Yet that is what continues to be the only "policy" in resolving the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis. For everyone else seeking a more nuanced answer we suggest perusing the infographic below which provides a less jaded perspective and even has a Hollywood conclusion: "The end is on the horizon"... well, a Tarantino-esque conclusion: "...The distant horizon."

Will America Ever Recover From The Housing Crisis


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