'Zee Stabilitee & The Wealth Effect' - Name These Two Charts

UPDATE: Answers Provided

  • Chart 1 is the real value of the German stock market from 1914 to 1927 (and the lower chart is the nominal price)
  • Chart 2 is the real value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1999 to Present (real = adjusted for the value of Gold)

A century apart and a continent apart. With Bernanke's fingers now glued on CTRL-C, perhaps the reality of these two charts suggests it's really not different this time at all...


Chart 1 - Zee Stabilitee


Chart 2 -The Wealth Effect


Can you identify what is being charted in each of these images?

Doing so may help to lift the veil of Bernanke's (and Draghi's) Grand Plan.


Charts: Bloomberg and Bridgewater (Page 136-146)


Hint: Below is the nominal version of Chart 1: