$5.7 Million In Cocaine Found Smuggled In Boxes Of Yams At Gatwick Airport Near London

Almost $6 million in cocaine was discovered by British authorities at Gatwick Airport, near London, this month. According to the UK’s National Crime Agency, three separate seizures were made, with the first occurring on August 11.

The incoming flights were all from Jamaica. On the first flight, about 22 kilos of the drug were found "in a consignment of vegetables that had come off a flight from Kingston," according to the agency. 

A second seizure was made from the same flight one week later on August 18, this time carrying 30 kilos of cocaine.

Finally, a third seizure was made on August 25, again on a flight from Kingston. The cocaine on the third flight amounted to about 3 kilos and was "suspended in a liquid solution". 

NCA Branch Commander Mark McCormack commented: "Working with our colleagues at Border Force we are determined to do all we can to stop class A drugs reaching the streets of the UK, where they can cause so much damage. These seizures are an example of that in action, and our investigations are ongoing.

Tim Kingsberry, regional director for Border Force South, said: “Through the diligence and hard work of Border Force officers, we have prevented millions of pounds of cocaine from reaching Britain’s streets. I hope this detection sends a clear message to anyone who thinks they can smuggle dangerous drugs into the UK. We will find and confiscate these items and we will bring you to justice.”