From "America The Beautiful" To "America Smeared With Feces"...

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jul 26, 2023 - 11:00 PM

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

I am going to warn you right now – this article is all about poop.  Our nation was once known as “America the Beautiful”, but now so much of what made us so beautiful has crumbled and decayed, and feces is literally being smeared all over the place. 

I truly wish that I was exaggerating, but at this point poop in the streets has become a major issue from coast to coast.  Our homeless population is absolutely exploding, and many of the homeless are addicted to drugs.  Unfortunately, many drug addicts simply do not care where they are when it is time to take a crap.  They just pull down their pants and let it fly.

For those of us that aren’t addicted to drugs, it can be difficult to understand how addicts can let themselves sink so low.

Sadly, the truth is that many of these drugs are so powerful that they literally make people stagger around like zombies.  For example, “tranq” is now being mixed with all sorts of street drugs all over the U.S., and someone that is on “tranq” can be “seemingly unaware of what’s happening around them”

The sight of drug users hunched over in a lifeless state, seemingly unaware of what’s happening around them, has become increasingly common in recent years.

Many experts point to the influx of an animal tranquillizer that has begun to flood the US illicit drug supply – being mixed with everything from fentanyl to cocaine.

Xylazine – known on the street as ‘tranq’ – is a potent sedative used to put large animals to sleep before procedures.

Once upon a time, it was quite rare to see human feces right in the middle of the street.

But now in cities that have severe drug problems authorities are constantly battling to keep things clean.  For example, San Francisco has become world famous for the human feces that is seemingly “everywhere”

According to 311, some of San Francisco’s most excrement-riddled streets are in the Tenderloin and SoMa neighborhoods. The Tenderloin, in particular, has publicly struggled to help its growing unhoused population and address its filthy streets.

“It’s terrible; this street is covered,” said Joe Souza, a Tenderloin resident who has lived on Larkin Street for a year. “There’s poop everywhere. You always see it along the wall and in front of the garage there.”

A four-block zone in the Tenderloin, between Larkin and Taylor streets, recorded dozens of feces-related 311 cleaning requests in the last five months. But residents say the problem is much bigger than what the data shows.

In addition to the streets, our beaches have also become popular locations for drug addicts and the homeless to relieve themselves.

If you can believe it, 55 percent of America’s beaches had unsafe levels of feces in their waters at some point within the last year…

More than half of America’s beaches contain potentially dangerous levels of feces, according to a new report described as ‘troubling’ by experts.

Testing carried out at more than 3,000 beaches across the country’s coastlines showed that 55 percent had unsafe levels of sewage in their waters on at least one day last year.

Large numbers of drug addicts and homeless individuals live in rapidly growing tent cities that are mushrooming all over the country, but those with a little bit more money often live in illegal RV encampments.

In southern California, one such encampment that is being run by a “vanlord” is being shut down due to “an unbearable stench of feces and urine”

A California ‘Vanlord’ with at least two dozen illegal RVs parked on her LA property has been ordered to vacate by Monday after residents complained about an unbearable stench of feces and urine.

The campsite, located on private property in Sylmar, California, is managed by Cruz Godoy – dubbed ‘Vanlord’ by locals – who rents out the RVs to individuals without alternative housing options, making up to $20,000 a month.

It turns out that the people that are living in these RVs are literally dumping their urine and feces into the streets, and one boy that lives nearby got so sick from the smell that he was literally vomiting

Maria Macias, whose backyard faces Cruz’s lot expressed sympathy for the people living in the RVs but decried the unbearable stench emanating from the illegal campers that has plagued residents for years, making life ‘unbearable.’

‘I don’t have peace, not even in my own house,’ she told CBS. ‘My son got sick, all of us got nauseous the ambulance came because my son was vomiting at night.’

Many of the RV residents, who neighbors say are mainly immigrants searching for a better life, are forced to dump their sewage in the streets.

This is what our country has become.

At one time we were a shining example of cleanliness to the rest of the world, but now many of us are super disgusting “pig people” that have no class at all.

Let me give you a perfect example of what I am talking about…

A mother and her boyfriend were arrested for allegedly imprisoning their children inside their Wisconsin home after neighbors spotted both boys wandering the streets completely naked, covered in blood, bruises, and feces.

Katie Koch is facing a slew of felony charges, including chronic neglect of a child, false imprisonment and neglecting a child. Her boyfriend, Joel Manke, 38, was meanwhile hit with felony charges of chronic neglect of a child and false imprisonment in connection with the case.

How can anyone treat children like that?

Sadly, this sort of thing happens way too often.

As a society, we have openly embraced evil, and now we are experiencing severe consequences as a result.

Millions upon millions of Americans have lost all sense of self-respect, and the level of human degradation that we see all around us just gets worse with each passing day.

If we had not rejected the values that this nation was founded upon, “America the Beautiful” could have been our legacy.

But instead we have chosen another road, and it is heavily smeared with feces…

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