The Friendly Skies: Plane Passenger Gives Up First Class Seat For 88 Year Old Woman

Faith was temporarily restored in humanity last week, when a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant shared a story about her two new "favorite passengers", Jack and Violet. The story went viral on social media and later caught the attention of major news outlets like Fox News. 

Stewardess Leah Amy wrote about the incident, where a kindhearted younger gentleman on one of her flights gave up his seat in first class voluntarily for an 88 year old woman, on her Facebook page. The post has since garnered 2,200 shares, 700 comments and over 7,000 likes. 

The two passengers, Jack and Violet, reportedly struck up an "instant friendship" at the airport where they were traveling from. Jack then decided that Violet would "get more" out of his first class seat on the flight into New York City than he would, and offered to switch. 

Jack & Violet, left / Violet in first class, right

It has apparently been Violet's "dream" to "sit at the front of the plane", said Amy. She continued: "Jack and his family purchased seats In our upper class cabin for a flight home from New York, but when he got onboard, Jack went and found Violet in economy and swapped seats with her."

He also apparently kept his good deed quiet, according to Amy: "He then sat on the row of seats directly next to the economy toilets and never made a peep or asked for anything the rest of the flight. No fuss, no attention, literally did it out of the kindness of his own heart, no one asked him too [sic]."

Violet regularly travels to New York to visit her daughter and the recent trip was her first in a while due to a knee replacement. A Virgin spokesperson called it a "lovely story". 

"You should of seen her face, when I tucked her in her bed after supper," Amy said.