Indonesian Man Becomes 'Instant Millionaire' After Space Rock Crashes Through His Roof

While millionaires usually say their vast wealth was forged with incredible grit, determination, and perseverance, at least one newly minted millionaire in Indonesia had a bit of luck as a $1.8 million meteorite crashed through his tiny metal hut. 

Rags to riches is the story for Josua Hutagalung, 33, an Indonesian man living in a small metal hut in North Sumatra, who, as early as August, became a millionaire, literally overnight, after a 4.5 billion-year-old space rock crashed through his roof, according to The Sun

Hutagalung, who was across the street at the time of the incident, said, "I was working on a coffin near the street in front of my house when I heard a booming sound that made my house shake. It was as if a tree had fallen on us."

Hutagalung continued: "It was too hot to pick up, so my wife dug it out with a hoe, and we took it inside."

As soon as news traveled about the meteorite, space expert Jared Collins boarded a plane to Bali. 

Collins said: "My phone lit up with crazy offers for me to jump on a plane and buy the meteorite." 

"It was in the middle of the Covid crisis, and frankly it was a toss-up between buying the rock for myself or working with scientists and collectors in the US.

"I carried as much money as I could muster and went to find Josua, who turned out to be a canny negotiator," he said. 

Collins shipped the meteorite back to the US, where it was purchased by a collector who has it stored in liquid nitrogen at the Centre for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University. 

According to The Sun, "fragments of the meteorite secured by a second collector are currently on sale on eBay for pound sterling 757 a gram, valuing the 1.839g 'hammerstone' – as the main rock is called – at nearly $1.8 million." 

The Sun notes that the meteorite is "classified as CM1/2 carbonaceous Chondrite, an extremely rare variety which scientists believe contains unique amino acids and other primordial elements necessary for the sparking of life itself."