Initial Jobless Claims Disappoint As The Number Of Americans On The Dole Rises Back Above 13 Million

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 29, 2021 - 08:36 AM

The number of Americans filing for first time jobless claims was worse than expected last week, at 400k (vs 385k expected). The silver lining is that this was a drop from the prior week's 419k...

Source: Bloomberg

Continuing claims rose very modestly from a revised 3.262mm to 3.269mm.

The number of Americans on some form of government dole disappointingly rose last week, back above 13 million...

Source: Bloomberg

The good news for American business is that the number of Americans getting paid to stay home through the pandemic emergency payments has been rising (though last week it stalled a little)...

Source: Bloomberg

If we see Job Openings drop next month, as we stop paying people not to work, how will the establishment spin that?