Initial Jobless Claims Hit 8 Month Highs, Continuing Claims Jump Ahead Of Payrolls Print

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 04, 2022 - 12:34 PM

Amid a growing wave of corporate layoff announcements, the number of Americans filing for first-time jobless benefits rose to 260k last week (moving its 4-week average to the highest in 8 months). More problematically, continuing claims is now starting to roll notably higher at 1.416mm - the highest since April.

Source: Bloomberg

Connecticut, Oklahoma, and California saw the biggest rise in jobless claims; while Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Ohio saw the biggest drop in claims...

Jobless claims are now completely decoupled from the headlines payrolls data...

Source: Bloomberg

This matches the decoupling seen between the establishment and household surveys...

Source: Bloomberg

Notably, Andrew Challenger, Challenger, Gray & Christmas' senior vice president, said in statement that:

"the job market remains tight, and large-scale layoffs have not begun. There are some indicators that hiring is slowing after months of growth, however."

However, a quick glance down headlines shows at least 12 big companies that have announced layoffs within the last 2 weeks…

#1 Ultratec Inc. says that it will be laying off more than 600 workers.

#2 Electric truck maker Rivian will be laying off approximately 840 workers.

#3 7-Eleven has announced that it will be eliminating 880 corporate jobs.

#4 Shopify is laying off about 1,000 people.

#5 Vimeo says that it will be eliminating 6 percent of its current workforce.

#6 Redfin will be reducing the size of its workforce by 8 percent.

#7 Compass will be reducing the size of its workforce by 10 percent.

#8 RE/MAX will be reducing the size of its workforce by 17 percent.

#9 Robinhood will be reducing the size of its workforce by 23 percent.

#10 It is being reported that Ford “is preparing to cut as many as 8,000 jobs in the coming weeks”.

#11 Geico has closed every single one of their offices in the state of California, and that will result in vast numbers of workers losing their jobs.

#12 Walmart is eliminating about 200 corporate jobs as it contends with rising costs, bloated inventories and weakening demand for general merchandise.

But it's not a recession remember!

All eyes on tomorrow morning's big jobs print.