Internet Searches For "Bidet" Begin To Soar As Toilet Paper Shortage Intensifies

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020 - 10:25 PM

Consumers are panic-hoarding toilet paper, food, and ammo as coronavirus surges across the country. Kroger, Giant, Target, and other supermarket chains have recently placed limits on toilet paper and other high demand goods to prevent shortages. 

Last week, we reminded readers that the next round of "panic hoarding" was about to begin - and as of this week - that is certainly the case with reports across Twitter of empty store shelves. 

While everyone scrambles to find toilet paper in stores and or online, there's a more hygienic way to wipe than using a roll of Charmin ultra-soft, that is, a bidet. 

Americans are quickly catching on about bidets, commonly found in European and Asian countries. The neat thing about a bidet, it requires no toilet paper and seamlessly cleans the undercarriage after nature calls. 

Internet search trends for "best bidet" are surging again, the second time this year. The first eruption occurred in March after lockdowns resulted in a shortage of essential items. Now, as states and cities reimpose strict social distancing measures, with threats of lockdowns if a Biden presidency is seen early next year, bidet searches are back to April levels. 

Is the panic-hoarding of bidets next?