'Just Say No!' To Economic Slavery

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 21, 2023 - 10:30 AM

Authored by T.L.Davis' Substack,

I’ve been referring to September as a month to watch when it comes to the complete economic disaster that’s about to befall the Western world.

That’s not to say that it’s all going to blow up in September, but September will be the start, the boiling point at which any and all future additions will increase the likelihood and severity of an explosion.

These additions will add up to an economic meltdown intended to usher in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). One of the best examples of the explanation of the dangers of a CBDC is here.

Here’s what’s fueling my prognostication. In late August, the BRICS nations will unveil their gold or commodity-backed currency, something that will have an impact on the value of the dollar and its status as the World Reserve Currency used by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to settle most trades worldwide. That monopoly will end and with it trillions of dollars of international trades will be done without US participation for the first time since the end of WWII.

In September, the House and Senate will have to do something about allocating all of the money printed-up or keystroked-in when they raised the debt ceiling to allow for more government spending. This was the opportunity to show those nations now affiliated with or seeking affiliation with the BRICS currency that the United States and the Dollar were still worth investing in as a source of stable value, but they failed to do so. Since the Congress, particularly Kevin McCarthy, was unable to show proper fiduciary restraint, they passed an agreement that allowed for unrestrained spending and no future negotiation until after the 2024 election, giving those nations trying to decide where to go for a stable currency little choice, but to choose the soon-to-be unveiled BRICS currency.

The United States has already lost the power of the Petrodollar to the Yuan and Ruble thanks largely to Saudi Arabia and OPEC and the fact that no one trusts the US with Biden in charge of it, because he lies. With the switch to the BRICS currency, the Yuan and Ruble will lose value in favor of the BRICS as well. While China and Russia merely move wealth out of the Yuan and Ruble respectively and into the BRICS currency, the United States and the Dollar will just lose, not all at once, but it begins the progression toward zero.

The turbo boost toward zero is provided by a congress that can’t stop spending and can’t stand up to globalist demands to destroy our economy, our power grid and our self-sufficiency. The reasons for that are they are largely the same political party and not concerned with the overall economic health of the nation, but rather how they get their their piece of the dying elephant in the room.

At the same time as this is going on, there’s another surprise for all of those people who believe they’re saving for retirement in 401ks and pension funds. Those funds are largely invested in China, who is currently teetering on economic disaster itself based on its looming real estate crisis, banking instability and struggling exports and therefore industrial activity. These are brought on, I think, by the massive inflation in the United States leading to reduced demand, which is being reflected here by a lack of demand for shipping. The failure of Yellow Truck Lines is just one indicator, but when there’s high demand for all products, one does not have major carriers go out of business.

The difference between investing in American companies and Chinese companies is important. Chinese companies are likely owned or operated by Chinese Communist Party members. So when someone invests in, say Sequoia Capital in the U.S., until recently that money was going to the People’s Liberation Army to develop weapons and build up their stockpiles of materiel. Sequoia eventually split and left it’s Chinese investments in one group and its American investments in another to avoid the optics of financing a hostile nation’s military might. Or did they, really? But the larger issue is that even if one wanted to invest in China, as many pension fund directors and 401k administrators have, there’s no way of knowing if the assets and liabilities are real numbers or not, because China doesn’t require those disclosures. One day, these directors and administrators might send out an email that sympathizes with the loss of money in your retirement account or pension balance due to the economic crisis in China.

At least, investing in American companies, one is assured that the reporting is factual and audited for accuracy. Though, in this climate of corruption, if you want legit numbers, you better invest in conservative companies so you know they probably have not been able to benefit from the blindness of the Biden SEC.

Right now, the entire United States economic situation is a means of whistling past the graveyard. Some shoe is going to drop and when it does it’ll set off the domino effect of other catastrophes. One is better off studying Jack Lawson’s Civil Defense Manual than plotting out a strategic portfolio move.

I don’t know the timeline to catastrophe, because I don’t know how well they can put lipstick on a pig or how long that lipstick will last, but with the accumulation of economic red flags swirling in the air, it only takes one of these fundamental collapses to set off the whole thing.

No matter how bad it gets, the answer you will be offered will be CBDCs, but it won’t actually solve anything except how the globalists will be able to control you. The CBDCs aren’t necessarily American, there are central banks all over the world and when Germany needs cash to house and feed its migrants, they can force you to spend money by imposing an expiration date on your digital cash beyond which it disappears and our representatives and senators don’t have a thing they can do about it, except prevent it from taking place, for which there’s little interest.

The only true answer to any of this economic stupidity is to refuse payment for labor in CBDCs and requiring dollars and either silver or gold. If your state doesn’t allow silver or gold as currency, first of all that’s the next political objective is to focus on before this hits. They’ll play dumb, pretend they don’t have any control, but they do. It’s completely constitutional; Arkansas did it a few months ago.

The government will always offer you nowhere to go with your complaints or demands. You see that now with the election results, they just can’t seem to take the time to adequately vet every vote for legitimacy even two or three years after the fact. But they could. When they won’t, they show you that they’re part of the problem. Do not work to get paid in their CBDCs, just do not do it. If a big enough percentage refuse to work for compensation in CBDCs, they’ll find a way to pay us in a currency that doesn’t enslave us.

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