For Sale: Gently-Used ICBM Silo In Arizona Desert

Looking for a fixer-upper to kick back, relax and survive a nuclear apocalypse? Look no further!

Located 20 minutes outside of Tucson, Arizona underneath 12 acres of land, potential buyers are looking at a "BOLD opportunity to owned a decommissioned Titan II missile complex" of their own - for just $395,000!

According to the listing:

This property was once one of the most top secret of government assets and is now ready to fulfill a new mission. That mission is for you to define amongst the limitless scenarios. Secure storage facility? Underground bunker? Remarkable residence - literally living down under? The property is situated on a 12 + acre parcel with boundless views. Private yet not too remote.

The new owner will enter their 'quaint' complex via a ladder which descends into the missile Launch Control Complex (LCC) - where "three Titan II crewmen, the Missile Combat Crew Commander, the Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander, Ballistic Missile Analyst Technician, and the Missile Facilities Technician lived in shifts," according to Popular Mechanics.

Some background on Titan II missile facilities:

The Titan II missile entered service with the U.S. Air Force in 1963. Titan II was an intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of being launched from the U.S. and striking targets across the Northern Hemisphere, particularly the Soviet Union and China. The Titan II carried a single W-53 thermonuclear warhead with the explosive power of 9 megatons, or 9,000,000 tons of TNT. By comparison, the Hiroshima bomb was a relatively paltry 16,000 tons of TNT.

Titan II was also the first U.S. missile that was based in missile silos. These silos were sprinkled across the U.S., and some were parked outside Tuscon, Arizona. - Popular Mechanics

Sure, you'll have to deal with the rust, and there's no internal plumbing (septic system required) or electricity, or water - BUT the listing notes that the buyer is welcome to drill for a well.