A Tidal Wave Of Money Leaving Banks Will Kill Profits And Lending

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Apr 25, 2023 - 06:40 PM

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Let's tune into a mass exodus of deposits at banks for money market mutual funds and what it means...

Spread between bank deposit rates and money market funds from Tweet below.

Jim Bianco has a 21-Tweet Thread on what's going on with bank deposits. I chimed in on a couple of the Tweets. Here are some of the most important ideas.

The "bank walk" becomes a "bank powerwalk" to 5%.

More Bank Failures?

"To be clear, a bank walk will NOT lead to another bank failure, wrong metric. But it will kill their profitability, especially the smaller banks."

Giant Bank Sucking Sound

Question On Stopping the Run 

Mish: "Banks need NEW Deposits because they already locked up existing deposits in 10-YR notes at 2.0% or so. Offering 3% will not attract much new money with others offering 5%."

Agreement From Bianco

Bianco: "Exactly correct: They [banks] locked up securities and loans that generate much lower interest rates. Somewhere around 3%. Over time they mature and get rolled into higher rates. But not now. So, they lose money by trying to compete with market rates. This explains why the bank stocks cannot rally."

Second Question

Bianco Conclusion

The "bank walk's" cumulative impact on markets, the economy, and lending. It will be a significant drag later this year.

Moody's Downgrades 11 Regional Banks

Please note Moody’s Downgrades 11 Regional Banks, Including Zions, U.S. Bank, Western Alliance.

Regional banks, Moody’s said, are more exposed to hard-hit commercial real estate. U.S. banks hold about half of total CRE debt outstanding, and some are concentrated in construction, office, or land development.

U.S. Bank has a “relatively low capitalization” as well as unrealized losses on its securities, Moody’s said.  Zions has “significant” unrealized losses on its securities portfolio and its capital has deteriorated, Moody’s said.

Downgraded Banks

  • U.S. Bancorp USB, with $682 billion in assets

  • Zions Bancorp ZION with $89 billion in assets.

  • Bank of Hawaii Corp., BOH with $24 billion in assets.

  • Western Alliance Bancorp WAL, received a two-notch downgrade.

  • First Republic Bank, which faced a run last month, had its preferred-stock rating cut.

  • Six More: Associated Banc-Corp., Comerica Inc., First Hawaiian Inc., Intrust Financial Corp, Washington Federal Inc., UMB Financial Corp.

Banks will not be taking any extra risks. Nor will larger banks that also face the "powerwalk". This will pressure bank lending across the board.

Like it or not, the Fed is purposely angling for recession to cure inflation. 

And the Fed does not have an inflation ally in the White House. Biden is doing everything possible to fuel inflation with inept Green policies. 

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Strangest Yield Curve in History

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Finally, please recall Fed Minutes Now Predict a Recession This Year Along With Higher Unemployment

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