"Wake Up You F**kin' Morons" - Billionaire Blasts Snowflakes "This Is The Eye Of The Biggest Mother-F**king Storm In History"

Dan Peña, known as The 50 Billion Dollar Man, has never been one to pulls punches. As Dan Lok noted previously, Peña is quick to tell people to stop blaming family, economics, and circumstances; the opportunity for success has never been greater than it is now but our snowflake generation seems incapable of being accountable.

In this brief and barbaric clip, the billionaire rages at the snowflake generation:

"What are you gonna tell your kids and your grandkids, 25 years from now, when they say 'gee daddy, gee grandpa, what were you doing other than having your thumb up your big fucking ass' during the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of the world?'"

"What were you fucking doing? ... Fuck all, nothing! - That's what most you will tell them."

Pena rages on...

"It's never gonna get any better than this kids. This is the eye of the prefect motherfucking storm... This is it!"

"This is going to make the 80s look like a nursery rhyme... you fucking morons!"

Enjoy - (NSFW!!)

*  *  *

It’s believed he’s worth 50 billion because of his business ventures, position as CEO of various corporations, book sales, and the Quantum Leap Advantage coaching program that creates billions of dollars in revenue for his mentees. Many say his 50 Billion Dollar name is from the 50 billion dollar value he gives to his mentees. Learning from Dan Pena is not the usual experience where you go to training at a hotel or conference centre. He lives in, and teaches his mentees in a 15th century castle, called Guthrie Castle. He was the founder and CEO of various companies including Great Western Resources Inc and Guthrie Group, named after the castle. Before that, he worked in real estate, and before that, he was in the military to reset the disastrous path he was on in his youth.