1 In 5 'Gen Z' Adults Now Say They Are LGBTQ

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 18, 2022 - 11:20 PM

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

One in five Gen Z adults now identify as LGBTQ, while the number of total Americans doing the same has doubled in a decade, according to a new Gallup poll.

However, the rise is almost entirely accounted for by far greater numbers of people identifying as bisexual or transgender, not gay or lesbian.

“Gallup estimates from these results that within the entire U.S. adult population, 4.0 percent of Americans identify as bisexual, 1.5 percent as gay, 1 percent as lesbian and 0.7 percent as transgender,” reports the Daily Mail.

“The Gallup poll found nearly 21 percent of Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ, which is nearly double the number of millennials who do, which is 10.5 percent. Nearly one in six Gen Z LGBTQ adults identify as bisexual.”

Americans identifying as LGBTQ represent 7.1 per cent of the population, compared to 5.6 per cent a year ago. In 2012, 3.5 per cent of Americans identified as LGBTQ.

The numbers are fascinating given that a significantly greater percentage of Americans obviously aren’t being ‘born gay’.

Indeed, the increase is largely explained by far more people identifying not as gay or lesbian, who still comprise a total of just 2.5 per cent, but by those identifying as bisexual or trans, a total of 4.7 per cent.

This exemplifies how the huge rise in people identifying as LGBTQ (or more specifically bisexual and trans) is overwhelmingly caused by social engineering.

When Glenn Greenwald (who is gay) made this same point last year, he was smeared as “transphobic.”

Greenwald pointed out on Twitter that “almost all of the increase comes from those identifying as bi or trans, not gay or lesbian.”

He went on to highlight how, “Of Americans now claiming “bi” identity, the vast majority of them in long-term relationships are in opposite-sex relationships (33%) rather than same-sex ones (3.7%). So 10 times more people who identify as “bi” live in hetero-appearing relationships than gay/lesbian ones.”

The writer said one explanation for this was that “masculine girls are now encouraged to identify as trans, causing a decrease in the lesbian population.”

He then cited an article which explored “whether the disappearance of lesbian culture is due to the encouragement which masculine girls receive — from the society, therapists, health care workers, etc. — to identify as trans, not as lesbian women.”

The results of the poll underscore how mainstream culture’s increasing obsession with identity politics is manipulating young people into identifying as LGBTQ because they think it’s cool, edgy or makes them unique.

However, given that such brainwashing is being imposed via top down social engineering, it’s not edgy or unique at all.

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