10 Reasons Why Freedom Is Dangerous

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Mar 28, 2021 - 08:00 PM

The number one thing that terrorizes us in this world and gets in the way of you having a better life... freedom!

Here is JP Sears' top ten "science-based" reasons why freedom is bad:

1. Freedom requires you to think for yourself (...think the thoughts they hand you... so turn on your TV. It's like psychological breadline where you can get your very nourishing thought handouts from... and that should be the only place you get them from).

2. Freedom will make you uncomfortable at times.

3. With freedom, no one's controlling you...

4. Freedom requires self-responsibility.

5. Freedom comes with free speech (99.98% of all speech is hate speech... and hate speech is objectively defined as speech that you subjectively hate which is all speech that represents thoughts that don't come from the one true source that you get your thoughts from)

6. With freedom you constantly learn and grow.

7. With freedom you can't just print money when want more of it.

8. With freedom you can protest, but you can't peacefully protest.

9. With freedom you're allowed to not trust those who try to control you.

10. Freedom gives you equal opportunity, not equality of outcome (leaving people's outcomes to what they earn  through work and effort levels promotes hate and incentivizes prosperity).

So with all that said, what should we do?

"Communism needs your vote...freedom destroys lives, robs people of their dignity and takes away their birthright of being controlled."