2 More White House Residence Staffers Infected In Outbreak That Began Weeks Ago

The NYT has just pubished its latest scoop on the White House outbreak, which may have started days, or even weeks, before the Amy Coney Barrett ceremony. After revealing earlier this week that a senior White House security official was "gravely ill" after testing positive last month, the NYT has just broken news about a handful of additional infections.

Now, the NYT is claiming that two additional White House residence staffers - who fall under the purview of the East Wing, which is typically controlled by the First Lady - have tested positive in an outbreak that began three weeks ago. This brings the total number of White House residence housekeeping staff who have been infected to 4 (that of course doesn't include the West Wing security official, who is reponsible for working with the Secret Service to hand out security credentials).

Those infected so far include: three members of the housekeeping staff who work on the third floor of the residence, as well as an assistant to the chief usher, Timothy Harleth.

Trump was reportedly warned about the positive tests when they first occurred, and Harleth reportedly advised the other sickened staff members to "use discretion" about who they tell..

It wouldn't be the NYT without alluding to its past reporting about Trump demanding that some of the senior officials in his administration take off their masks when they were worn in meetings. There's no evidence that Trump ever asked a member of the housekeeping staff to remove their masks.