"They Motherf**kers Need To Go Home!" - Locals Rage At Rioters As Minneapolis Burns

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, May 29, 2020 - 09:35 AM

Update (12:17 ET): Because of the continuing social unrest in Minneapolis, Mall of America, located about 8 miles south of the epicenter of the riots, has decided to postpone its June 1 reopening. 

Minneapolis map 

Bloomberg says the mall operator postponed reopening due to the "significant unrest in the community." No further reopening timelines were given. 

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Update (11:07 ET): Blazing Press is providing live coverage of the ongoing social unrest in Minneapolis: 

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Well, by now, social unrest in Minneapolis, worsening by the day, has become an international story. The world is watching as protesters breached the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct building and set it ablaze on Thursday night. 

The police station on E. Lake Street, across from the Target that was looted and burned on Wednesday, has been the center of demonstrations this week as people demand justice after the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody on Monday. 

On early Friday morning, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey explained his reasonings to evacuate officers from the 3rd Police Precinct.

As police officers were evacuated from the precinct, some reports said by a helicopter, the Minneapolis National Guard entered the city with 500 armed soldiers and fully armored Humvees. 

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One Twitter user captures a video of "multiple Humvees probably from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Air Station are headed to the 3rd Precinct."

An up-close shot of National Guard Humvees on Minneapolis streets. 

More video of the National Guard mobilizing on city streets as social unrest spirals out of control. 

So here's where shit hit the fan on Thursday night. Unicorn Riot Newsdocumented the moment, via live stream when protesters stormed the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct building. Video from inside the police station shows protesters igniting fires, and at one point, someone lights a weapon storage closet on fire, and ammunition can be heard exploding. 

Protesters cheer in front of the police station as it burns.

h/t Twitter

Video of the police station burning.

Unicorn Riot News tweeted: "Minnesota National Guard w Humvees, rifles and fire truck posted up at an intersection a few blocks away from 3rd Precinct." 

h/t Unicorn Riot News

Despite President Trump's ongoing battle with social media companies, and signing an executive order on Thursday afternoon to punish these companies for their treatment against conservative media, Twitter accused the president of violating its rules by "glorifying violence," after he tweeted, looters at protests in Minneapolis would be shot. 

As for the chaos and destruction, here's what happened last night along with raging fires and looting that continue into Friday morning: 

Jim Roberts, editor in chief at Cheddar, reports that "170 buildings damaged or looted" in the overnight hours.

Fires are still raging into the early morning.

Smoke from fires are so dense, local weather radar is picking up on the "15-mile smoke plume." 

Fires continue to rage as daybreak arrives. 

Perhaps what is most notable about the whole farce is the fact that many local residents - not just white ones - are furious at what the "thugs" are doing.

As Summit News reports, a video clip shows a black woman and former NAACP chapter president trying to collect medication for her daughter outside a Target store in St. Paul telling rioters “these motherf**kers need to go home!”

“Leave this shit alone – “these motherf**kers need to go home!” she shouts, "these people don’t give a damn about George Floyd.”

The woman subsequently identified herself as Diane Binns, former president of the NAACP St. Paul from 2016-2018.

Critically, for the narrative-minded among you, she says she attended the initial protest against the killing of Floyd but after 30 minutes realized “it was going to be a riot, so I left.”

America is quickly descending into chaos as social unrest could spread to other major cities this weekend. Wealth inequality in many inner cities is at record levels. More than 40 million people are unemployed with a crashed economy, and people are already furious about virus lockdowns. This all suggests a perfect storm of unrest could flare up across the country. 

We warned of the possibility of this in late March, "West Faces "Social Bomb" As Pandemic Sparks Unrest Among Poorest."