California Shooter Identified, 9-Year-Old Victim Died In Mother's Arms

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 01, 2021 - 02:37 PM

Update (1400ET): New horrific details about last night's shooting in Orange, Calif. have been released by the Orange Police Department in a press conference held late Thursday morning, local time.

According to County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, a 9-year-old boy was killed in the shooting; he died in his mother's arms. As for the relationship between the shooter and the victims, "they were all known to each other," Spitzer said.

Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez

The shooter was identified as Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, again defying the theme of mass shooters being 'white supremacists'. Gonzalez, 44, of Fullerton, had "issues" with his coworkers at the location, Spitzer said.

"It appears a little boy died in his mother’s arms as she tried to save him," the visibly angry prosecutor told reporters.

Gonzalez was shot in a shootout with police, and is in the hospital with critical injuries. "He will suffer and face the consequences," he added of Gonzalez, calling the "horrific rampage" death penalty-eligible.

Video of the accused shooter being dragged out of the building by police has gone viral on social media.

"Our hearts today go out to the victims," he added. "We pray for one of the victims who is still in the hospital who underwent emergency procedures," he added, an apparent reference to the boy’s mother.

Officials say Gonzalez used a bicycle lock to secure gates on the north and south end of the complex’s courtyard, temporarily barring police from entering as he carried out the shooting. The suspect was shot through one of the gates, which were then forced open, they said. Inside the courtyard, officers found the 9-year-old boy being cradled by a woman who was injured. The three other victims (two women and a man) were found inside the office complex. A semi-automatic handgun and a backpack holding pepper spray handcuffs and ammo which are believe to belong to the suspect were recovered by police.

The shooting targeted a business called Unified Homes. The identities of the dead haven't yet been released.

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Not that anybody is counting, but the US suffered its 4th mass shooting since most states started reopening their economies and schools when 4 people - including a child - were shot and killed Wednesday night after a gun man shot up an office building in Orange, Calif., about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles. a fifth victim (an adult woman) was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries due to a gunshot wound, the NYT reports.

The gunfire started around 1730PT. The suspect was also hospitalized with a gunshot wound, but authorities couldn't say whether it was self-inflicted or not. A firearm was recovered from the scene, which spanned two floors and a courtyard.

Orange Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer Amat said during a news conference on Wednesday night that officers had responded to the area of 202 West Lincoln Avenue near Glassell Street. Shots were still being fired when officers arrived at the scene, she said.

NYT reporters talked to a witness who lives in an apartment near the building.

Emma Soto, 26, who lives in an apartment near the building, was doing laundry when she said she heard seven to 10 gunshots.

"It just sounded like a popping sound," she said. "It didn’t really sound like how you would imagine it, like in the movies. We’re hearing of all these shootings going on, so I just thought, 'Another shooting.’ But we never imagined it would be that close to us."

Another witness said they believed the shooting took place at a roofing business located on the first floor of the building. Police didn't release much information, so whether or not this is accurate is unclear. They also said the woman who runs that office often brings her son to work.

Hector Gomez and Edgar Gonzalez work at a roofing business located on the first floor of the building where the shooting occurred. The two men, along with residents who were at the scene on Wednesday night, said they believed the shooting had unfolded at a real estate office on the second floor. The windows of the office appeared to have been shot out.

Mr. Gomez said the woman who ran the office sold mobile homes and would often bring her son with her to the building.

"He’s a cute little boy," Mr. Gomez said.

The two men said they were convinced the woman and her son were among the victims. The woman’s S.U.V. was still in the parking lot as the police conducted their investigation late into the evening.

Orange is a city of 139K less than six miles from Disneyland. About a dozen police and fire vehicles blocked Lincoln Avenue, a main thoroughfare in the town, as they responded to the shooting at the squat office building, which is mostly surrounded by apartment buildings.