Doctors Say Trump Will Return To "Public Engagements" Saturday; 4th White House Reporter Sickened

Update (1900ET): As Nancy Pelosi rallies Democrats to try and push for a 25th amendment removal of power from President Trump's hands, his medical team has just announced in their latest update that Trump plans to return to "public engagements" on Saturday, the 10th day since his symptoms began, at which point they say he will not be infectious.

We can't help but wonder if Trump's press team will later issue a "clarification" about Saturday being "day 10" since it's actually 9 days.

Could this have something to do with why Nancy Pelosi wants to know exactly when Trump last tested negative?

Trump released a video message a few hours ago in front of a green screen, though he definitely sounded healthier, and appeared less pale.

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The White House Press Corps has just been informed that a 4th member of the White House press pool has tested positive for COVID-19. The reporter was last at the White House on Oct. 3, 6 days after the Amy Coney Barrett press announcement, which some have speculated might have been a super-spreader event.

We counted Stephen Miller, who tested positive last night, as the 33rd case from the White House outbreak. Earlier, a Marine Corp Assistant Commandant also tested positive after interacting with the Coast Guard Admiral Charles Ray who tested positive earlier this week.

That would make the 4th reporter sickened No. 34 on our list overall (we're also counting 11 campaign aides who were sickened after the Cleveland debate).

Bloomberg has its own list here.

President Trump tweeted another video message from what appeared to be a green screen backdrop of the White House lawn promising that the antibody therapeutics he was treated with (among other things) would soon be available to "all".

In response to the news, one twitter user asked about VP Mike Pence cancelling a trip to his home state, Indiana.

The other night, the NYT reported that another White House official apparently tested positive back in September, and had apparently fallen "gravely ill".

White House reporters have slammed the WH press shop for wantonly putting their health at risk, as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and at least 4 aides have tested positive (including one of her husband's cousins). Though the only people who have been seriously sickened so far appear to be the White House security official reported last night, and NJ Gov Chris Christie, who remains in the hospital.

As far as President Trump is concerned, the White House told reporters a few minutes ago that they should be releasing another update on Trump's health today.