77-Year-Old Man Pummels Thief After Parking Lot Sneak Attack

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Feb 21, 2020 - 11:05 PM

Who doesn't enjoy a fun video where a seemingly elderly looking man beats the shit out of some young punk who tried to steal his cash?

A behatted old man was minding his own business standing in front of a surveillance camera near a parking lot when a young masked punk in a bright-colored vest suddenly rushes him and tries to rob him.

The man pushes back the young lad, then throws up his fists and clocks him right in the jaw. They dance for a bit, eventually moving out of frame. As the video ends, its clear the would-be thief has run away.

But why stop there? You know how liberals refuse to believe that armed citizens actually foil crimes? We suspect it's because they couldn't imagine showing that kind of courage, but for one southern couple, a pair of off-duty police officers, the 'good guy with a gun myth' became a reality.

The pair foiled a robbery when they chased off a masked suspect who tried to hold up the restaurant.

According to ABC, the couple were the only ones eating at the restaurant when the thief approached. The would-be thief was identified and, later, arrested.

That incident could have played out much differently if it weren't for Kentucky's generous 2nd amendment protections.