Alex Jones Denies DWI Charge, Texas Newspaper Confirms He Was Below Legal Limit

Update (1655ET): InfoWars has published its own account of Alex Jones' interaction with Texas state police on Monday night, and it differs markedly from the story published by the Statesman.

According to InfoWars, Jones has been cleared of the DWI charge after blowing less than a 0.08 - the Texas legal limit. Jones was pulled over in Travis County while driving "45 mph in a 40-mph zone" and admitted to consuming a small amount of sake at a Japanese restaurant, where he had eaten dinner with his wife earlier that evening.

Interestingly enough, the Austin Statesman article reporting Jones's arrest was updated shortly after publication to clarify that Jones did blow below the legal limit. The reasons for his arrest are not made clear in the article.

Jones had a blood alcohol level of 0.076 at 11:55 p.m. and a level of 0.079 at 11:59 p.m. The legal blood alcohol limit while driving in Texas is 0.08.

InfoWars claimed that Travis County has been criticized for its low number of DWI arrests recently, and in response, police have been setting up 'dragnets'. However, InfoWars doesn't mention anything about having proof that Jones was caught up in a dragnet specifically, a bump in enforcement would certainly explain why somebody going 5 mph over the speed limit might be pulled over if there are no other obvious infractions being committed.

Jones claimed that the officer who arrested him appeared to be a rookie and couldn't properly administer the 'stand on one leg' test.

"It was quite the experience to see what was going on in this country and to experience it myself," Jones said Tuesday on his show.

InfoWars added that the company is "confident" the charges against Jones will be dropped.

* * *

InfoWars founder and America's leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was reportedly arrested for a DWI in Travis County, Texas, where he's lived for decades in the state's capital city of Austin.

Jones was booked by State Police in the early morning hours of Tuesday. The Austin Statesman reported that he was booked at 12:37 am.

The driving while intoxicated charge is a Class B Misdemeanor, and the 46-year-old Jones was released shortly after 4 am when he made the $3,000 bail. So long as he doesn't have a long history of DWIs, he likely will receive community service, probation, alcohol abuse classes or a fine in exchange for the charges being dropped.

Jones became a household name four-plus years ago when President Trump praised him for his loyal coverage and excellent reputation, a comment that seemed to enrage Trump's political opponents. For Jones, a spate of personal and professional problems soon emerged, culminating with last year's ruling against Jones in a lawsuit filed by the parents of children killed during the Sandy Hook shooting, which Jones once decried as a hoax.

Over the years, he and his company Infowars have been de-platformed by every major social media company (FB, Twitter etc) as well as YouTube and even the Apple App Store.

During what appeared to be something of a comeback for Jones, the notorious second-amendment advocate showed up to a Virginia pro-Second Amendment rally last month in a tank.

Nearly 40,000 Americans are killed in car accidents every year, many of them involving at least one driver who was over the state legal limit. Hopefully, if this is a bigger problem than just a momentary, idiotic lapse, Jones can get the help he needs.