Alex Jones Storms Richmond Rally In 'Battle Tank'

Always the showman, InfoWars founder Alex Jones, the reactionary scourge of liberal Austin, Texas, showed up to Monday's "Lobby Day" anti-gun control rally in Richmond in a battle tank, cruising the streets near the rally with a bullhorn, helping to kick the overall energy level up a few notches.

Some complained that Jones's 'tank' wasn't really a tank, but a souped-up truck. Though that kind of misses the point.

Meanwhile, the crowds spouted off some inventive chants targeting "racist Ralph" Northam, who infamously clung to his office despite an embarrassing scandal involving photos of him wearing black face in an old med school yearbook.

One activist even debuted a petition to recall Northam, the principal player in the Virginia Democrats' gun control push.

Jones has been laying low lately, or at least it seems that way now that Infowars has been banned from practically ever mainstream social media platform, including YouTube. Recently, the mainstream media and the American justice system - which sided against him in a case filed by parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims - seem to have conspired to take him down.

Yet here he is, driving a 'tank' down Richmond's streets, ensuring that he will be impossible to ignore.

Next stop, Davos.