All Hell Breaks Out In Chicago As Hundreds Of Teenagers Wreak Havoc

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 16, 2023 - 11:00 PM

A trend of lawlessness has unfolded in cities run by progressive leaders this spring. The latest incident occurred on Saturday night in Downtown Chicago, where hundreds of teenagers wreaked havoc by smashing car windows and destroying public and private property. They also attempted to enter Millennium Park, which prompted a significant police response. There was even a shooting that resulted in multiple injuries. 

FOX 32 Chicago reported massive crowds of teenagers that unleashed chaos in the downtown district last night. Besides the rogue kids smashing and breaking anything in their sight, there were reports of shots fired and two teenagers wounded by gunfire near the corner of Madison and Michigan. 

Even FOX 32 said the chaos last night was "unsafe to keep our news crew on the scene." There was even footage of kids jumping on top of a bus.  

Watch the dramatic video of Chicago's youth 'gone wild.' 

"This is the second time this weekend that a group of rowdy teenagers has prompted a police response," the local media outlet pointed out. 

The culture of lawlessness continues, and it's not even summer. The video is proof of the rapid moral decay of the younger generation that has been educated in failed liberal institutions. 

Meanwhile, Chicago's new mayor, Brandon Johnson, is another soft-on-crime progressive who comes after Lori Lightfoot was ejected from office for failing to make the city safer. 

Chicago is not the only city dealing with out-of-control youth. Another failed liberal city, Baltimore, experienced similar chaos just one week ago. 

What's the pattern here? Progressives are transforming their cities into lawless hellholes. 

And the response?.. People are leaving these dumps for safer areas. Even Walmart closed half of its stores in Chicago last week because of the deteriorating environment.