Anti-2nd Amendment Groups Swarm Senate Amid Push To Restrict Gun Rights

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Mar 14, 2021 - 10:00 PM

As Congressional Democrats turn their attention from stimulus to gun control, anti-2nd Amendment groups are focusing their lobbying efforts on the Senate after two major bills cleared the House last week.

The bills - one of which could indefinitely delay background checks (H.R. 1446), and the other which would require a federal background check for private gun sales (H.R. 8) - made it through the House last week and are on to the Senate, where Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has promised to take quick action as Democrats hope to garner enough GOP support for them to pass, according to The Hill.

Eight House Republicans voted for the background check legislation which would affect private transfers, however it would take at least 60 votes for the bills to make it through the Senate.

"We have a slim gun violence prevention majority, but we have the majority, which we know includes eight Republicans," said Brian Lemek, executive director at the Brady PAC.

Also supporting the legislation are Everytown for Gun Safety and the Giffords Law Center.

Some Senate Democrats say they’re already holding conversations with Republicans.

“I’m talking to senators across the aisle, but the real difference-makers in this debate are the survivors, students, and family members who have made this issue a movement,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told The Hill about his plan for getting Republican support.

“The most powerful advocates for change are the people who have personal stories to share about how a background check could have saved someone they love -- that’s who my Republican colleagues have to answer to,” he added.

-The Hill

Gun rights advocates say the bills are a stupid idea.

"The idea that this is going to make us safer is laughable," said Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL). "Criminals looking to get their hands on firearms to use in crimes are not going to submit to background checks. Only law-abiding citizens will follow the law. This is a back door means of setting up a national registry of firearms – something I completely oppose."

Meanwhile North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson (R) ripped Democrats for 'capitalizing on half-truths to rob Americans of their Second Amendment rights," according to The Truth About Guns.

"Unfortunately, the Democrats in Congress are not serious about ending gun violence," said Hudson. "And it’s obvious by the bills – they’re bringing up four this week – which would do nothing to have stopped a single mass shooting in this country, yet, they threaten the rights of law-abiding citizens."

"The Democrats have rushed two bills to the floor, no regular order, no hearing time," Hudson continued. "They have allowed no meaningful input from Republicans and – and these bills, again, would have not stopped a single mass shooting, not Newtown, not Charleston, not Parkland, not Las Vegas, not Sutherland Springs, would not have stopped the shooting of our former colleague, Gabrielle Giffords because her shooter passed a background check."

“H.R. 8 fails to recognize the fact that every commercial gun sale in America requires a background check today,” Rep. Hudson explained. “And H.R. 1446 creates delays for law-abiding citizens, could be indefinite to acquire a weapon and would have not closed the Charleston loophole.”

Rep. Hudson explained that the failure that led to the murders in Charleston, South Carolina’s Emmanuel AME Church was a matter of law enforcement not sharing disqualifying criminal information with the FBI. He said that a fix would be Rep. Tom Rice’s H.R. 1518, a bill which codifies current NICS practices. The Truth About Guns

These surely law abiding citizens are going to be super bummed about the private sale background check thing: