'Are You Safe In Trump's America?': Biden Leaves Basement To Blame President For Left-Wing Violence

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 31, 2020 - 01:55 PM

Joe Biden has left the basement - skipping over Kenosha, Wisconsin for a campaign stop in Pittsburgh - where he attempted to flip the script on President Trump over left-wing violence which the former VP has failed to directly condemn.

Biden's early return to the campaign trail comes after taking fire from Trump on Sunday over a milquetoast condemnation of 'violence on both sides' - failing to acknowledge left-wing violence from Antifa and BLM extremists which have turned nearly three months of anti-police protests into race riots in major cities across the country.

Biden's pitch?

"Are you safe in Donald Trump's America?" (from Biden voters?)

According to a statement from Biden's campaign, the former VP will slam Trump's COVID-19 response, before blaming the president for 'fanning the flames of division and encouraging chaos in our cities.'

"COVID runs unchecked throughout the country, killing thousands of Americans a week and turning our economy upside down. Parents around the country are struggling to send their kids to school safely. And Donald Trump continues to fan the flames of division and encourage chaos in our cities, rather than trying to calm tensions and heal this country.

On Monday, Joe Biden will offer a different vision for a better future in Joe Biden's America."

He's already off to a stumble...

The Trump campaign has responded to Biden's pitch with a one-line 'question of the day for Joe Biden':

"Which supporter of yours coddled violent mobs of your leftist voters best: Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis, Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle, or Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland?"

Will Biden condemn his base celebrating the death of a Trump supporter?

Of course, New York Times' 'disinformation reporter' (lol) Davey Alba says it's fake news because it wasn't all of the protesters. She also calls Zero Hedge 'far-right,' and falsely claims we reported "that leftist protesters were claiming the person who died was "one of theirs" & the "shooter is a fascist"" (we did not, read our reporting on the shooting here). Then, she turned off replies, preventing anyone from providing counterpoints.

Talk about disinformation...

Alba then trots out three anonymous tweets from Antifa members condemning the killing, and writes "But reminder that Antifa and the protesters aren't 1 totally united grp."

So, case-closed?

Imagine if Trump received the same kind of 'assistance' from the media...