"Aren't We Financing [Russia's] War?" Psaki Savaged By Press Over US Oil Policy

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 03, 2022 - 09:40 PM

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki got into quite the cat fight with Fox News's Jacqui Heinrich over US reliance on Russian oil, and whether America is 'financing the war' in Ukraine by continuing to do so.

"The president, as recently as yesterday, talked about increasing domestic manufacturing to bring down prices on inflated items like goods. So why not apply the same logic to energy and increase domestic production here," asked Heinrich.

Psaki pushed back, suggesting that oil companies can tap into pre-approved leases, and that they should do so without US government incentives."

"Is there nothing that the administration can do?" asked Heinrich, who then asked if opening the Keystone pipeline "and having more energy-friendly policies" might reduce inflation.

To which Psaki said the pipeline would "take years to have any impact."

"During those years that it would take to 'bring down prices, as you're saying,' we should continue to buy Russian oil?

Psaki then said this is an opportunity to 'reduce our reliance on oil,' suggesting that America can "do more to invest in clean energy, more to invest in other sources of energy, that's exactly what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future."

Heinrich then dropped a bomb of a question - asking "As long as we're buying Russian oil, though, aren't we financing the war?"

To which Psaki said "It's only about 10% of what we're importing," adding "our objective and our focus here is making sure that any step we take maximizes the impact on President Putin and minimizes the impact on the American people.


When asked what the plan is for Americans suffering from high oil prices, Psaki said "I can't get into all the details of those, but the president is quite focused on making sure that we are taking steps to reduce the impact."

We can't wait to see what they have in mind.

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