The Atlantic Claims Twitter Is Now A 'Far Right Social Network'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 02:00 PM

The corporate media is terrified.  Their propensity for fear is painfully obvious, but what are they really scared of? 

If we examine their arguments and complaints closely the same narrative seems to pop up with incessant fervor:  They see more free speech and the creation of alternatives as an existential threat to their agenda.  They used to say the “culture war” was nothing more than a conspiracy theory, and yet they attack any platform outside of their influence as if they are in the midst of World War III.

It may be hard to understand how this small group of elitists, which controls the vast majority of corporate news and communications outlets in the western world, could be so threatened by the policy shift of a single social media website like Twitter.

The Atlantic, a far-left media organization, has been at the forefront of the battle against Twitter after the swift takeover by Elon Musk.  Their claim?  That Musk has turned Twitter into a 'far-right social network' that offers a “haven to conspiracy theories, prejudices, fear mongering and bigotry.”

In other words, anyone who disagrees with the political left is a far-right bigot.  The Atlantic insinuates in its latest article that Musk made “anti-Semitic remarks” about George Soros and spends his time giving positive nods to “racist memes.”  None of this is true, but The Atlantic is like a broken record or an autistic parrot; they just can't stop repeating the same tired mantras over and over again.

The political left and the corporate media have become so distant from the rest of America and western culture that they actually associate free speech with the far-right as if it's a bad thing.  From The Atlantic:

“Truth Social, a website backed in part by Donald Trump, says it encourages “an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating on the basis of political ideology.” This language is indistinguishable from the way that [Tucker] Carlson spoke of Musk’s Twitter, arguing that “there aren’t many platforms left that allow free speech,” and that the site is “the last big one remaining in the world.” If it acts like a right-wing website and markets itself as a right-wing website, it just might be a right-wing website.”  

It's true that the change in leadership at Twitter has, so far, resulted in a resurgence of free speech on the platform.  Some national governments (like Turkey) continue to try to throttle speech on Twitter, and there are many concerns surrounding Musk's hiring of WEF member Linda Yaccarino as CEO, but the overall removal of censorship on the site has been going in a positive direction.

While we can't really weigh in on the ultimate future of Twitter, it's fair to say that Musk has kept his word and made a real effort to expunge the old censorious guard from the halls of the company.  This has enraged the high priests of legacy media.


The average progressive elitist journalist or activist sees “influence” as the ultimate currency.  This is why they were so obsessed with Twitter in the first place – They viewed the site as the pivotal springboard from which they could exchange accumulated public influence for socially engineered power. The thought of losing such influence is what really keeps these people up at night. 

In reality, Twitter became nothing more than a political bubble, an echo chamber that gave journalists false comfort in the reach and righteousness of their ideology.

In the dark times, a vast array of employees and contractors were employed by the company to accomplish one simple thing:  Censor and control all speech outside of the approved far-left script.  Twitter's bans and account locks were used belligerently to silence dissent when it came to subjects such as the Hunter Biden Laptop, BLM, the covid mandates, trans activism issues, the January 6th protests, etc.  And according to the mountain of evidence provided in the Twitter Files, a lot of this censorship was done at the behest of government agencies.    

The message was clear – Conservatives and moderates were not welcome.  They were going to make your use of the platform a living hell through double standards until you gave up and walked away.  In the few years leading up to Elon Musk assuming ownership of the site, Twitter was bleeding users monthly to the point that they tried to hide the numbers.

This is actually one of The Atlantic's primary complaints; that Musk is increasing Twitter's user numbers by inviting banned conservatives back to the network.  At the same time, they prognosticate that more right-wing activity will lead to the death of the site.  The Atlantic states:

“Right-wing alt-tech platforms may attract investors and a flood of indignant new users with persecution complexes, but they are, ultimately, bad businesses. That’s precisely because they lack the one thing that fuels far-right discourse: a way to own the libs. A culture war is no fun if there’s no actual conflict, and although some journalists and pundit diehards remain, many of Twitter’s prolific users are posting less and on different platforms.”

They essentially offer an ultimatum here, suggesting that the more free speech that is allowed on a platform, the more leftists will leave that platform and go elsewhere.  Presenting this outcome as a negative is the reason why no one takes The Atlantic and their ilk very seriously anymore.  It's much like former Trust and Safety Head Yoel Roth's argument that more free speech for those he considers malcontents on Twitter "leads to less free speech" for leftists, because leftists get frightened away from the network.  Well, that's their problem, is it not?    

What they don't seem to realize is that the world functions just fine without them, and the public is far happier without their interference.  They don't represent the majority of people, they never did, and when Twitter stops locking out conservatives and moderates this fact becomes clear.  What leftists really desire is for the greater public to cater and adapt to their minority demands, otherwise they insist their rights have been violated.  It's a backwards and stunted way of thinking.   

Beyond that, old Twitter suppressed discourse and journalists applauded them for it.  They fought relentlessly to sabotage the evolution of a more open Twitter with competing views under Musk.  They don't want debate, they want dominance.  They want every single major social media network to filter out opinions and even facts that discredit their positions.      

And make no mistake, if this dynamic could have been achieved in every corner of the internet with every political opponent silenced, they would have celebrated the result.  Leftists abhor fair discourse.  They have no interest in being factually or morally right, they just want to “win.”  They see the spread of free speech as a terrible loss, and this should make any rational person skeptical of the progressive vision for the future.