The Atlantic: Trump Is Going To Cheat

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It isn’t even March yet, and progressives are already making their excuses for why they may lose to Trump in 2020. In a piece written for The Atlantic, Sarada Peri – a former senior speechwriter for President Barack Obama – launched the latest in a long line of arguments explaining why their loss would be unfair.

The piece, titled “Trump Is Going to Cheat,” is the usual Democratic fare.

The author insists that the president is going to somehow use underhanded means to sway the election in his direction. Unfortunately for her, the argument doesn’t pass the smell test.

President Trump Is Going To “Lie” To Win In 2020

Peri begins by pointing out that the Democrats are currently in a heated contest to determine which one of them is the most electable. It doesn’t take long, however, for her to identify the real challenge any nominee will face: “He or she will need to run against a president seemingly prepared, and empowered, to lie and cheat his way to reelection.”

The author claims that President Trump would seek another win by lying and saying “absolutely anything necessary to attract and maintain support.” She also points to the so-called list of Trump’s lies as president. If the newspaper responsible for this particular curation is to be believed, he has rattled off over 15,000 since taking office. Of course, even a cursory glance shows that most of the statements in the fib collection are either Trump’s opinions, hyperbole, or even simple mistakes.

Moreover, the notion that the Democrats — and their close friends and allies in the press — are somehow the epitome of honesty is laughable given their constant caterwauling about Russiagate conspiracy theories. But, according to Peri, President Trump is going to do far worse when it comes to winning in November.

Trump Is Going To “Cheat!”

Just in case bending the truth a little doesn’t quite cut it, the president will find a way to cheat, somehow. Peri is sure of it. She recalls an observation made by journalist Katy Tur during a discussion about the challenges involved in covering the president:

“She said that what made covering Trump as a reporter and running against him as a candidate so difficult was the way that scandals stuck—or didn’t stick—to him. Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state was like a stain on her shirt that people couldn’t get past, because it was the only mark on an otherwise clean shirt. But Trump had so many stains that ‘you couldn’t tell if it was a stained shirt or if it was just supposed to be that way.’”

The author goes on to cite the controversy over Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as an example of how he will break the rules to defeat his opponent. Of course, she forgets to mention that the Democrats failed to prove that Trump’s motivation in his dealings with Ukraine was specifically to hurt former Vice President Joe Biden.

Peri also seems to forget the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign brazenly paid money to have a former British spy dig up dirt on Trump using Russian and Ukrainian sources. A little bit of “good for me, but not for thee,” perhaps? But that’s not the worst of it. It seems employing the Democrats’ tactic of using foreign powers to gain an edge in the election isn’t the only card up Trump’s sleeve.

Trump Will Use Media To Cheat!

In her effort to convince readers that Trump will use unfair means to keep his position in the Oval Office, Peri makes one of the most laughable arguments a progressive could suggest in this type of conversation: She blames the media. That’s right — she actually complains that right-wing media would support Trump and influence the masses:

“Perhaps the most troubling form of cheating is the most diffuse, and therefore the hardest to grasp. Trump’s reelection campaign, abetted by right-wing media and companies like Facebook that have absolved themselves of any democratic responsibility, is waging a disinformation war modeled on the efforts of dictators and unprecedented in its scale. As reported by this magazine, the campaign is prepared to spend $1 billion to harness digital media to the president’s advantage, including bot attacks, viral conspiracy theories, doctored videos, and microtargeted ads that distort reality.”

Trump Ain’t Leaving!

Just when you think the author’s arguments couldn’t get any more ridiculous, she makes her final assertion: If Trump’s lying and cheating don’t secure his position, he will simply refuse to leave. Now, she is not the first to put forth such a silly idea, but, as proof, she cites the fact that he has made jokes about remaining in office past his term.

“He retweeted Jerry Falwell Jr.’s suggestion that he ought to have two years added to his term and ‘joked’ about staying in office longer than eight years,” she wrote.

“If he loses in November, the litigious showman might claim that the election was rigged against him and theatrically contest the results in court.”

The Democrat Delusion

According to Google, the definition of the word “delusional” is as follows:

“Characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.”

Peri’s piece is chock full of the delusional talking points the corporate press has bandied about since Trump took office. But it is far more than that. It is a stellar example of a tactic that is all too relevant nowadays: Always accuse your opponent of that which you are doing.

Most of the accusations that one hears from Peri and her ilk have a ring of familiarity to them – but that’s because they describe the behavior and tactics the left tries to use against Trump...

And as The Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board notes,

Democrats now know how millions of Republicans felt in 2016. A populist with devoted plurality support charges through the primary and caucus states, racking up delegates against multiple “establishment” candidates who all want to be the last alternative standing. Before the media knew it, Donald Trump could not be stopped.


Democrats are waking to the prospect of a nominee who wants to eliminate private health insurance, raise taxes on the middle class, ban fracking and put government in charge of energy production, make college a taxpayer entitlement, offer free health care to illegal immigrants, raise spending by $50 trillion, and tag every down-ballot Democrat with the socialist label.