Australians Threaten Snickers Boycott After TikTok Video Reveals Chocolate Bar Is Now Made In China 

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 02, 2021 - 03:00 AM

Australians are threatening to boycott the candy bar "Snickers," after a viral TikTok video revealed the chocolate is now made in China.

Jeremy Toh, who goes by the handle "@thatjeremytoh" on TikTok, uploaded the video over the weekend and found while shopping at Woolworths Supermarkets, a Snickers candy bar is no longer made in Australia but instead China. 

"Did you know your Snickers are no longer made in Australia?" a voice-over feature on the popular social media app said.

The video shows Toh zooming in on the candy bar, revealing its origins are Chinese. 

"All Your Snickers Belong To Me Now," a bolded headline overtop Chinese President Xi Jinping read. 

Here's the video. 

Australians have gone bonkers about their favorite candy bar now produced in China. Here's one comment from Snickers Australia's Facebook page: 

"I bought some yesterday and they are made in China. I will never buy another Snickers again. I'm sure many people feel this way," one person wrote.

Comments on the video were even more brutal: 

"No more snickers for me now..." a TikToker said. 

"Time to reduce my chocolate intake..." another said. 

"If they're mixing plastic with rice & selling it. I wonder what they put in snickers," someone else said. 

The Daily Mail quoted a spokesperson from Mars Wrigley - which manufactures the bar - said the company had to shift domestic production to China while its facility at Ballarat, in regional Victoria, underwent upgrades. 

The spokesperson went on to say that the production of Australian Snicker bars will be made available in 2022. 

"No jobs have been impacted as we carry out these upgrades, and we are working hard to return SNICKERS production to Australia early next year," they said.

The takeaway here is that Australian nationalism is growing as tensions between China-Australia ramp up.

Last month, China "indefinitely" suspended activity under a China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue in the latest setback between both countries. 

Mars Wrigley could be subjected to a nationwide boycott if the TikTok video continues to gain popularity.