Backlash Builds After Biden Compares Trump To Nazi Propagandist Goebbels

Authored by Sara Carter via,

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is getting a lot of heat for his outrageous comments comparing President Donald Trump Saturday to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. The backlash against those comments has been fierce on Twitter, with many people asking for an apology for the insulting and inaccurate comment.

Biden made the comments during an interview on MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. She asked how he would handle and respond to Trump’s repeated claims that the Democratic Party, along with Biden, were pushing a Marxist, socialist agenda.

Trump is like “Goebbels,” said Biden.

“You say the lie long enough, keep repeating it, repeating it, repeating it, it becomes common knowledge…I think people see very clearly the difference between me and Donald Trump.”

“Trump is clearing protests in front of the White House that are peaceful, you know, with the military,” Biden went on to say.

“This guy is more Castro than Churchill.” 

Adam Milstein, a well-known and well respected Jewish philanthropist, said in a Tweet, “Goebbels helped carry out the systematic murder of more than six million Jewish people.”

“This is unacceptable, offensive and demeans the memory of the Holocaust,” Milstein, who is also a friend of mine for full disclosure stated. “Biden must apologize!”

The tragedy, in my opinion, is that many anti-Trump Biden supporters also seem to be perpetuating these dangerous comments. Moreover, there are also many antiSemitic tweets on Twitter and the platform is doing little to stop that propaganda. SAD!

Biden should be ashamed of himself and like Milstein has demanded, along with many others, he must apologize.