Baltimore City Hits 300 Homicides For 5th Consecutive Year Amid Murder Crisis

Baltimore has just hit 300 homicides for the fifth consecutive year, reported The Baltimore Sun.

On a per-capita basis, Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in America. If you have plans on going to Baltimore for the holidays -- cancel them immediately -- that's because the city is imploding on itself, likely to get worse in the early 2020s. 

The murder crisis in Baltimore could hit a record this year. There are 47 days left, and as of Saturday morning, 301 homicides have been logged into The Baltimore Sun murder map -- as shown below: 

Homicides trends for the year are above average -- even in the "greatest economy ever," where President Trump continues to pump headlines detailing how black youth are doing better than they ever have. As to why anyone would believe government jobs data ahead of an election year is beyond us -- come to Baltimore, and you'll see first hand many of the inner cities stuck in a decades-long depression of extreme wealth inequality that has led to the collapse of economic mobility for hundreds of thousands of African Americans. 

The murder crisis isn't slowing down but rather accelerating into year-end. One would think because of seasonal factors, such as cold weather, that homicide trends would weaken -- but not this year -- it's likely total homicides for the year will range from 330 to 345. 

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters on Thursday that the murder crisis is "ruining families and it's horrifying, and we're all disgusted by it." 

Harrison is right, the disgust among working-class families is so high that a massive exodus has been seen in the last several years as the city's total population has collapsed to 100-year lows. Many are fleeing for the suburbs, escaping death and destruction. 

Harrison, who previously served as New Orleans' police chief, told reporters last week that it could be several years before crime trends are reversed. 

He said a new deployment strategy in Baltimore had been implemented to address the "culture of violence" in the city affecting the youth.

So if you have holiday plans to visit Baltimore City -- please cancel them if you value your life.