As Bank Crisis Looms, Biden's Aggressive Focus On Firearms Is Suspicious

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Mar 16, 2023 - 10:05 PM

Joe Biden has always been hostile to constitutional gun rights, but in the past week his administration has gone into an obsessive fervor, calling for more restrictions on sales, banning high capacity magazines and banning “assault weapons.”  Is there a reason for his sudden focus on taking effective firearms from Americans despite the multitude of more important issues facing the nation today? 

Much of the firearms related discussion in the corporate media has revolved around Biden's recent executive order calling for individuals in the business of selling guns to be federally licensed and to check the backgrounds of buyers. Under the order, the Attorney General Merrick Garland will “use his discretion” to ensure gun sellers "willfully violating the law" and those unaware of background requirements become compliant.

The order makes little sense considering there are already multiple laws in place that require firearms dealers to commit to background checks before a buyer can purchase any weapon.  Of course, many people on the political left are illiterate when it comes to firearms related restrictions, and some actually do naively think that a customer can easily walk into a gun store, grab a pistol or rifle off a shelf, and walk out.  

Is Biden's executive action just a ploy for his ignorant political base as he pretends to implement anti-gun measures while really doing nothing?  Or, is something else at play?

The order does not seem to be an effort to prevent private firearms sales or gun show sales, which are legal in some states, though there is talk of “universal background checks” in the future.  Executive orders have no constitutional standing in any case, and they certainly have no bearing on state laws, but is Biden seeking to change that?

The unilateral action also outlines steps to promote Red Flag laws, which are an attempt by gun grabbers to institute backdoor confiscation.  Red Flag laws, if enforced widely, would allow various state and federal agencies to target individuals designated as “potentially dangerous” or mentally unstable and take their firearms without due process.  It is a guilty-until-proven-innocent policy based on hearsay rather than legal evidence.


However, even Biden's Red Flag efforts are more about lip service than tangible results that will make anti-gun proponents happy.  The real threat may be in an underlying attempt to normalize gun related executive orders as a means to sidestep checks and balances entirely, but that would require a national emergency as a rationale.

Enter the ever escalating economic crisis...

Is it merely a coincidence that Biden's amplification of anti-gun propaganda has been timed almost exactly with the rising threat of a systemic credit collapse within the banking sector?  It's not just SVB and Signature Bank that signal a problem today, it's also Credit Suisse – A massive bank with over $700 billion in asset exposure.  It would appear that a credit crisis is swiftly developing, and as we all know, establishment elites “never let a good crisis go to waste.”   

The majority of the Biden Admin's rhetoric on social media has not been about background checks, but the outright banning of semi-automatic, high capacity rifles (which are involved in less than 3% of all firearms related murders).  By extension, Biden has consistently mentioned the need to circumvent Congress to enforce more gun control, and he seems to be test-piloting the notion of executive orders to do it.    

It is no secret that establishment politicians often ignore handgun related crime in favor of far less used “military-style” rifles, but why?  One might suggest that it is the proliferation of these firearms in the hands of the citizenry that has prevented numerous attempts to undermine other constitutional protections.  Many believe that Biden's abandonment of perpetual pandemic lockdowns and vaccine passports was directly related to red state resistance and a large number of armed Americans refusing to comply.    

Medical authoritarianism in the name of covid failed partly because of the 2nd Amendment.  With the economic crisis comes another possible window to centralize power and degrade the Bill of Rights further, but not if the populace has the capacity to rebel.

Is the establishment realizing they will have to take our guns before they can accomplish any other objectives?  And, are they preparing to use a bank crash they know is coming as a rationale or smokescreen for confiscation?  With every economic plunge comes an inevitable spike in crime, not to mention public fear.  The-powers-that-be might view this as a favorable development in their quest for American disarmament.