Steve Bannon Indicted For Contempt Of Congress After Ignoring J6 Panel

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Nov 12, 2021 - 09:02 PM

The Biden DOJ has indicted former Trump adviser Steve Bannon over his refusal to cooperate with a congressional investigation of the Jan. 6 "Stop the Steal" rally.

Bannon was slapped with two counts - failure to appear to give testimony, and failure to produce "documents and communications," or "provide a log of any withheld records."

The move follows an October vote by the House of Representatives to hold Bannon in contempt Congress - alleging that he refused a subpoena to provide documents and testimony to the panel.

It has not gone unnoticed that former Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress over his similar failure to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal.

He was not alone...

But there appears to be a difference...

As the Epoch Times noted following the House ruling, the contempt resolution argued that Bannon has no legal standing to defy the subpoena.

Trump’s attorney, however, argued that Bannon shouldn’t comply because the requested information is protected by the former president’s executive privilege. Team Trump submitted a memo to Trump’s website announcing a “lawsuit to defend executive privilege.”

“The January 6th Committee is a partisan sham to distract Americans from the Democrats’ policies that are killing and robbing Americans,” the memo alleged.

The committee says it wants Bannon’s documents and testimony because he was in touch with Trump before the Jan. 6 incident, because he tried to get Trump to focus on the congressional certification of the election results, and because he said on Jan. 5 that “all hell is going to break loose” the next day.

In an October statement following the House resolution, former President Trump said:

"This is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt which started with the now fully debunked and discredited Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, quickly reverting to a perfect phone call with Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and now this. The Unselect Committee is composed of absolute political hacks who want to destroy the Republican Party and are decimating America itself," adding "I am the only thing in their way."

And we give the final word to The Federalist's Sean Davis, who, in his usual pithy and accurate way, sums up exactly what this evening's action means for 'We, the People':

"This is nothing less than a declaration of war against the American people.

Think of all the Democrat FBI, DOJ, and IRA officials who lied under oath, or refused congressional subpoenas, and never received even a slap on the wrist.

America is now a third-world banana republic."