Barr Should Transfer Ghislaine Maxwell To Rikers For Her Safety: Former Prison Official

Attorney General Bill Barr should transfer Jeffrey Epstein's alleged 'madam' to Rikers Island while her case plays out, as the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn is ill-equipped to handle the high-profile inmate.

"I don't think the feds can handle these prisoners, such high-profile prisoners like Maxwell or Epstein," former NYC Department of Corrections Deputy Warden Ed Gavin told Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. "If I were William Barr, what I would do is, I would seek to obtain a substitute jail order and I would try to have Ms. Maxwell placed on Rikers Island with the New York City Department of Corrections."

Maxwell was recently transferred from a New Hampshire prison to MDC, where according to The Sun, she was described as a 'depressed loner' branded a 'snooty rich bitch' by her fellow inmates - so if she winds up dead, she couldn't have been taken out by powerful forces intent on burying Epstein's secrets, even if cameras should break and prison guards fall asleep some fateful night in Brooklyn.

The 58-year-old ex-socialite, whose (suspected Mossad) father died in 2006 under mysterious circumstances, will be guarded by the "highest security available," according to The Sun's anonymous source.

According to Gavin, however, MDC runs a sloppy operation.

"In 2011, there was a female corrections officer there, she had sex on duty with eight employees," he said. "Two of them were superior officers. She also had sex with two inmates ... We [also] have a lieutenant and two corrections officers recently who were convicted of sexually abusing over 10 women ... So I don't think that that facility is capable of handling it [Maxwell], there's just too much that's gone on there recently, and I don't think any female inmate should be housed there" (via Fox News).

Maxwell was charged with six counts related to her alleged role in Epstein's child sex-trafficking ring.