BBC 'Disinformation' Reporter Lied On Her CV, Admits To "Awful Misjudgement"

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Sep 15, 2023 - 10:55 AM

The BBC's 'disinformation' correspondent, Marianna Spring, was busted lying on her CV to win a job, according to The New European, a British newspaper, which has seen emails between Spring and Natalia Antelava, the editor-in-chief of US publication Coda Story.

According to the report, Spring was trying to land a job as a Moscow stringer, when she said on her resume that she had worked alongside BBC Eastern Europe correspondent Sarah Rainsford.

Spring's CV read: "June 2018: Reported on International News during the World Cup, specifically the perception of Russia, with BBC correspondent Sarah Rainsford."

Except that didn't happen.

Antelava, a former BBC journalist herself, checked the claim with Rainsford, who said she had only met with Spring in social situations and never worked together.

Spring has apologized for her "awful misjudgement," according to emails seen by New European's Tim Walker.

"I’ve only bumped into Sarah whilst she’s working and chatted to her at various points, but nothing more. Everything else on my CV is entirely true," Spring wrote, adding "There’s absolute [sic] no excuse at all, and I’m really sorry again. The only explanation at all is my desperation to report out in Moscow, and thinking that it wouldn’t be a big deal, which was totally naive and stupid of me."

Antelova had none of it, telling Spring in a reply: "Telling me you are a brilliant reporter who exercises integrity and honesty when you have literally demonstrated the opposite was a terrible idea … I am sure if you use this as a lesson, things will work out."

Spring has become a rising star at the BBC, where she's won multiple awards for her reporting on conspiracy theories.

Last month she told the Times of London that she's become a prime target for trolls.