"Bias, Hatred, & Rudeness" - Trump Posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Interview, Then Posts Pence's

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 - 05:35 PM

Update (1405ET): The Trump admin just posted Vice President Mike Pence's "60 Minutes" interview. Watch:

Stahl was not happy:

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Update (1250ET): CBS News and '60 Minutes' - America's most-watched news program, according to CBS - aren't letting President Trump's decision to release his entire interview with Stahl deter them from offering their fully contextualized reporting on the topic.

We imagine advertisers paying for the privilege are going to love that...CBS choosing to air footage that will have already been kicking around the public domain for days.

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Just as he promised, President Trump has just posted the full, unedited interview with Lesley Stahl from '60 minutes'.

He tweeted:

"Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS."

Trump began by asking Stahl to "just be fair..." after she warned him "are you ready for tough questions." When she refused to accept his responses to various questions, Trump jabbed:

" you, nothing I've said will be good enough... You just come in here with that negative attitude"

Stahl then asked why Trump wants to be president, before hammering him on COVID-19 statistics. Trump vented about Stahl’s conduct this week and accused her of hypocrisy for not wearing a mask.

And during a discussion of the fact that she refused to address any of the questions about Hunter Biden, Trump pointed out that:

"you discredit yourself, I don't have to"

Stahl also asked the president about his political rallies, noting the size of the gatherings has declined and the presence of people not wearing face masks to keep from spreading coronavirus.

"You’re so negative. You just come in here with this negative attitude."

Stahl also asked Trump what he would do if re-elected, and included Stahl challenging Trump on his answers.

Stahl and Trump also sparred over the president’s claim that he created “the greatest economy in the history of our country” and the longtime television host questioning Trump’s claim that China is the biggest foreign adversary of the U.S.

The interview did not end with Trump storming out as the media has claimed but it certainly ended in disagreement with Trump saying " I think we have enough of an interview here already, let's go" following a handler's warning that there was a 5 minute window to a meeting with the vice president.

The White House video was recorded for archival purposes. According to the NY Post, it’s unprecedented for a president to release footage of a TV interview before its television broadcast.

Full interview below

Then added the following ahead of the debate:

"Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse!"

How long before Facebook removes this clip?