Biden Approval Plummets To 22% Among Young Adults, 24% Among Hispanics

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 11, 2022 - 07:00 PM

Despite how great the White House insists the average American is doing, President Joe Biden's approval rating continues to fall.

According to a Wednesday poll by Quinnipiac University, Biden's overall job approval is just 33%, and 22% among those aged 18-34. What's more, just 24% of Hispanic voters and 49% of black voters say they think Biden's doing an ok job.

Although elected with the most votes in US history, Biden’s support cratered about seven months into office during the chaotic US pullout from Afghanistan and remained low as inflation and violent crime spiked.

In the new poll, 64% of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy and 34% said inflation is the most pressing national issue. Annual inflation was above 8% in March and April, which critics blame on Biden’s policies. -NY Post

Meanwhile, 59% of respondents say they disapprove of how Biden has handled "gun violence," with 57% supporting stricter gun laws and 92% supporting background checks for all buyers.

Biden's best category? Covid-19 - with 47% approving of how he's handled the pandemic, and 46% disapproving. Then there's how Biden has handled the Russian invasion of Ukraine - with 42% approving and 50% disapproving.

Who likes Biden the most? Old folks - with 43% approval coming from those aged 65 or older, and Democrats - who approve by a margin of 79%.

Across all major polls, Biden's approval rating has sunk to 39.4% according to RealClear Politics.

The Post also notes that Biden's last sit-down interview with the press took place four months ago on Feb. 10.

"I can’t think of a parallel situation," longtime NYT White House correspondent Peter Baker told Politico. "It’s the fifth president I’ve covered and the first one I haven’t interviewed. They feel neither the obligation nor the opportunity."

"The president talks about defending democracy and that’s part of democracy too – answering questions from people not on your side," he added.

As the Post notes, Donald Trump had a 42.2% approval rating at the same point in his presidency, while Barack Obama was at 48%.

The silver lining for Democrats? No mean tweets.