Biden Declines Invitation To Throw Nationals' First Pitch On Opening Day

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 - 05:05 PM

Following the November election, President Joe Biden was invited by the Washington Nationals to throw the first pitch on Opening Day 2021. And with the long-awaited start of baseball season just around the corner, the president and his team have finally gotten around to answering - with a very diplomatic "no thanks."

A baseball reporter for the Washington Post reports (and the Nats have confirmed) that Biden has declined the offer to appear on Opening Day, but he reportedly left the door open to making similar moves in the future. A spokesman for the franchise said "we look forward to welcoming President Biden to Nationals Park in the future."

The Nats are set to play their season opener against the newly-acquired (by notorious hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen) New York Mets on Thursday.

Members of Biden's team have made headlines in recent months for first-pitch-related mishaps. Who can forget the time Dr. Anthony Fauci took a break from his 20-hour workdays to throw the first pitch at a Nats game. The pitch landing in the dirt about 20 feet to the left of home plate, and made some light-hearted headlines the next day. Dr. Fauci chalked up the wayward heave to a lack of preparation.

While Dr. Fauci played basketball in high school, Biden was a standout player on his old high school's baseball squad, and previously threw out the opening pitch during an Oriole's game back in 2009. The tradition of president's throwing out the first pitch in Washington dates back to 1910, when William Howard Taft, a notoriously heavy-set gentleman, was in office. However, President Trump ended it (despite also having reportedly been a member of his high school squad).

But Biden is still getting over breaking his foot while playing with his German Shepard, Major, back in November (Major, along with the Biden's older dog, Champ, was later sent back to Delaware after a "biting incident" involving a secret service member).

Of course, judging by Biden's his performance at last week's press conference (the first official briefing with the press corp attended by President Joe Biden since taking office), as well as that tumble he took climbing the stairs to Air Force One (which the White House blamed on the wind), one can only imagine how a Biden first pitch would go.

We suspect he would probably make 50 Cent look like Roger Clemens.