Biden Handlers Quietly Notify President He Has 'Something' On Chin - Which He Promptly Eats

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jul 31, 2021 - 12:35 PM

Joe Biden isn't one to let things go to waste, apparently.

During a Friday virtual meeting with governors from western states to discuss wildfires, an aide slipped Biden a note which read "Sir - There is something on your chin."

The 78-year-old Biden then groped for what appeared to be a yellow-orange object, possibly a piece of egg, then analyzed the object - and ate it.

After the nosh, Biden not-so-subtly picked up the card, flipped it over, and inadvertently revealed the note to photographers covering the event.

As the New York Post notes, 'egg on his face' wasn't Biden's only gaffe this week.

Earlier this week, he had a “Rick Perry moment” while making remarks at a Pennsylvania truck factory, claiming he had sought the presidency for three reasons — before only naming two.

At the same event in Pennsylvania he mistakenly uttered the name of his predecessor — “President Trump” — chalking it up to a “Freudian slip” even though he was talking about his longtime boss Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Biden’s history of insults, angry outbursts and tone-deaf remarks — especially on the subject of race — led him to bluntly acknowledge in 2018: “I am a gaffe machine.” -NY Post

Biden also claimed on Wednesday that he once drove an 18-wheeler truck.