Biden Imposes Strict Climate Change Mandates On The Pentagon

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Dec 08, 2022 - 07:05 PM

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Hello Pentagon, what do you think of Biden's new and costly green mandates for weapons?

Thanks to president Biden, The Pentagon Marches Off to Climate War.

A little-noticed rule-making proposed by the Department of Defense, NASA and the General Services Administration last month would require federal contractors to disclose and reduce their CO2 emissions as well as climate financial risks. The rule would cover 5,766 contractors that have received at least $7.5 million from the feds in the prior year.

For example, weapons manufacturers would have to quantify and disclose the amount of CO2 generated from their own facilities; manufacturers that produce steel, computer chips and motors used in their weapons; propellants and fuel; and even munition storage areas. It’s unclear if CO2 emissions will influence procurement decisions.

Large contractors would also have to publish an annual climate disclosure and develop “science-based targets” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement. That means contractors will have to aim to zero out emissions and possibly require their contractors to do so.

Will Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies have to redesign weapons systems and aircraft to be powered by lithium-ion batteries? China mines and processes the critical minerals used in batteries and other green technologies that will be required to meet these “science-based targets.”

The proposed rule would also apply to non-defense contractors, including pharmaceutical, shipping and tech companies, though it curiously exempts universities, nonprofit research institutions and state and local governments.

No, that isn't the Onion, I am quoting. It's the Wall Street Journal. 

Well, that's OK. 

It will add to inflation and bigger budgets. Who doesn't want that? 

Besides, I expect an announcement soon that President Biden got Russia, China, and North Korea, to agree to the same rules so they are fair across the board. 

Hoot of the Day

Lead Question Answered

Hello Pentagon, what do you think of Biden's new and costly green mandates for weapons?

Yes, the Pentagon loves it. Astute observation.

Q: Why?
A: They will get much bigger budgets but will either ignore the climate targets or lie about meeting them.

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