As Biden Swipes At Trump, G-7 Leaders Hail US President As "Part Of The Club" Again

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 13, 2021 - 04:30 PM

Biden capped the G-7 summit with a victorious sounding "America is back at the table" - in what many are noting was an obvious swipe at former President Trump. But many are also observing the whole summit appeared more like a multi-day long photo-op where Biden was formally admitted into being "part of the club".

Before Biden departed Cornwall for London where he's meeting Queen Elizabeth II, his supposed "anti-Trump foreign policy" was on full display in these words during his end of summit press conference:

"The lack of participation in the past and full engagement was noticed significantly, not only by the leaders of those countries but by the people in the G-7 countries. America is back in the business of leading the world alongside nations who share our most deeply held values."

"I felt a genuine sense of enthusiasm that America was back at the table and fully, fully engaged," Biden said. "Bottom line is I think we’ve made some progress in reestablishing American credibility among our closest friends and our values," he added.

But it was French President Emanuel Macron who on Saturday unwittingly summarized the real import of the whole spectacle...

"I think it's great to have the U.S. president part of the club, and very willing to cooperate," Macron said. "What you demonstrate is that leadership is partnership."

...with the suggestion being that the whole problem in international relations during the Trump era was that he was an outlier wanting to put America first, and so not capable of being admitted into the "club".

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And there was more of this throughout the weekend, especially when it came to the topic of NATO:

Biden knocked Trump when he said the U.S. does not view NATO "as a sort of protection racket," but as critical for domestic security. Trump repeatedly chastised NATO allies for failing to pay more to the alliance and reportedly wanted to leave the alliance, questioning its usefulness.

The president also swiped at his predecessor on the issue of climate change, which Trump repeatedly questioned and downplayed in favor of boosting the economy. Trump skipped the climate session at the 2019 G-7, the most recent one to be held in person.

Biden had said further, "I know that sounds silly, but we had a president last who basically said it's not a problem, global warming." Again, for this Biden gets warmly rewarded with declarations that the US had been readmitted to the "club".

Trump actually responded in a Saturday statement via his Save America PAC:

"This was a quote by the President of France. He and many other Leaders before him, in France and throughout Europe, were ripping off the United States like never before. We were treated very unfairly with horrible trade deals, and paying for a large portion of their defense.

"They were taking advantage of the United States and therefore, of course, they like Biden because now they will be allowed to return to their old ways of ripping off our Country. If I were a leader of these countries, I too would like Biden far better than President Trump.

"They will now get very rich off the United States just like they have in the past until a change is made. I am for AMERICA FIRST!"

Apparently Trump is quite content to not be part of this club...