Biden Struggles To Convince People To Buy EVs, Only 12% Seriously Considering

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 20, 2023 - 01:30 PM

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A Gallup survey highlights Biden's struggle to force people into EVs...

Most Americans Are Not Completely Sold on Electric Vehicles

Gallup reports Most Americans Are Not Completely Sold on Electric Vehicles

Key Points

  • Current ownership of electric vehicles among partisans is 6% for Democrats, 4% for independents and 1% for Republicans. 

  • Democrats (22%) are far more likely than both Republicans (1%) and independents (12%) to say they are seriously considering purchasing an EV. The majority of Democrats, 54%, say they may consider it in the future. 

  • A substantial majority of Republicans, 71%, say they would not consider owning an electric vehicle.

  • While about four in 10 U.S. adults think using EVs helps address climate change “a great deal” (12%) or “a fair amount” (27%), roughly six in 10 believe it helps “only a little” (35%) or “not at all” (26%).

  • Americans who worry a great deal about global warming or climate change are most open to owning an electric vehicle now or in the future, with 79% saying they currently own one (5%), are seriously considering it (16%) or would at some point (58%). Conversely, 77% of those who are not at all concerned about climate change say they would never own an EV.

  • With four in 10 U.S. adults unwilling to even consider switching from a gas to an electric vehicle, the plans of Biden, California and auto manufacturers could be challenging to achieve.

Americans' Ownership of Electric Vehicles by Demographic Group

EVs are Coming

Many of those who say they will never do so are wrong. And the younger the age group in saying that the more likely they will be wrong.

As a practical matter, politicians are forcing the issue whether or not it makes any sense. 

Eventually, the battery technology will get better, costs will drop, and chargers will be in more places. 

But even so, don't expect the shift to do much if anything for the environment.  

Damn the Inflation, Full Speed Ahead

Biden's and California's energy policy can easily be summed up in meme phrases.

  • Damn the Inflation, Full Speed Ahead

  • What, Me Worry?

  • The world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.

Meanwhile, someone please tell me how we are going to reduce dependence on China, avoid protectionism, and appease the Greens with their preposterous demands to eliminate electric vehicles by 2035.

For discussion, please see The US and G-7 Allies Are Torn Over Dependence on China

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