Biden 'Zombie' Clip Goes Viral As Trump Campaign Gambles On Unconventional Ads Into Election

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020 - 03:21 PM

With the 2020 election just days away, the Trump campaign is firing up the base with a pair of hilarious campaign ads - which are currently going viral.

On Sunday, Trump - no stranger to using memes and satire (often labeled 'manipulated media' by Silicon Valley technocrats) - put out a 15-second Halloween themed "How to Spot a Zombie" clip featuring Joe Biden doing various 'zombie' things, such as 'aggressive behavior' (snaps at reporter) and 'craves human flesh' (creeps on Sen. Chris Coons' (D-DE) daughter), and so on.

The clip has over one million views in 48 hours on YouTube and just under 600K on the "Team Trump" Twitter account.

And in a second campaign ad, this one just under 40 seconds, Trump can be seen throwing a MAGA hat at various people - hitting an Antifa protester in the balls, making Hillary Clinton trip, and finally smacking Joe Biden in the head.

The clip had over 300,000 views in two hours on Tuesday:

How long until it's removed for 'inciting violence'?