BLM Co-Founder Claims Joe Biden Is Part Of "Violent White Supremacist" System

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Oct 07, 2020 - 07:14 AM

Vice President Joe Biden would like America's youth to believe that he has bent over backwards to 'really listen' to the demands of young progressives/cryptomarxists, including the activists in "Black Lives Matter". Unfortunately for him, the transparent pandering hasn't been all that convincing.

Even after Biden and his fellow Democrats tacitly indulged the worst excesses of these so-called "activists" - anarchic rioting and violence in cities big and small across American - it seems the former VEEP, who played second fiddle to America's first black president for 8 years, has failed to win the BLM crowd over.

The latest evidence of this an be found in an ABC News interview with several young activists who are 'still out in the streets' peacefully protesting tell the press that they might consider voting for a third-party candidate instead of Biden.

While ABC also interviewed some young activists and organizers, one of the most prominent voices was Dr. Melina Abdulla, one of the co-founders of the original Black Lives Matter chapters. She still serves as the leader of the group's Los Angeles chapter.

In the interview, Dr Abdulla lamented the fact that she is being forced to choose between two old white men who both represent America's history of 'violent racism'.

"People are feeling dismayed that the choices are between, you know, a violent white supremacist and another person who represents that same system," she said,

Biden infamously said nothing about the violence unfolding in America's streets until he realized that it was hurting him politically.

Another activist attacked Biden for being out of touch with the American proletariat.

"I think sometimes, Joe Biden and Trump, and our party, on both sides, are blinded by the struggles that the lower end of Americans are feeling today," said South Carolina-based activist Lawrence Nathaniel of the group "I Can’t Breathe" before adding that he has been weighing the idea of casting his vote for a third-party candidate.

The report is merely the latest piece of evidence that Biden's campaign has failed to garner enthusiastic support from leftists who supported his erstwhile primary rival, Bernie Sanders.

It just goes to show: trying to pander to the proponents of identity politics is merely a drain on political capital.

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