BLM Protesters Call For Defunding San Bernardino Police After Officer Kills Armed Black Suspect

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 - 10:45 AM

The nationwide fervor that drove millions of white college students out into the streets to protest systemic racism and police brutality has since cooled, probably because, once the dust settled, most normal people had a second to survey the facts and realize that thousands of unarmed black men actually aren't being killed by police every year in the US (the real figure is closer to 9).

But that hasn't stopped a core contingent of BLM protesters from carrying on with their radical demands to defund police, seizing on every police-involved shooting, regardless of the circumstances, to create chaos and push their radical agenda.

In the latest example of this, a mob of protesters gathered in down town San Bernardino, Calif. Friday night, one day after police killed an armed suspect who reportedly tried to overpower an officer as he reached for his firearm.

Ignoring the circumstances surrounding the shooting, scores of Black Lives Matter demonstrators amassed in front of the King Tut liquor store in San Bernardino on Friday evening - the same spot where the suspect, Mark Matthew Bender, was shot and killed by a responding officer one day earlier. 

Videos of the scene like the clip embedded above show protesters chanting "fuck the police" and "defund the police" (chants that have become virtually interchangeable in the modern climate, where radical left-wing priorities have been skillfully embroidered into the mainstream political discourse).

"We can abolish the police, we don’t need these motherf**kers, we don’t need them!" one speaker shouted as the crowd cheered.

Initially, a lone officer responded to a report that a man was behaving erratically - "jumping on top of cars and just going crazy" - in the liquor store parking lot.

Body camera footage released by the police showed one officer approaching the suspect and ordering him to put his hands up. Bender shouts: "Why do you have a gun on me?" in response. He briefly raised his hands, moments later, the man seemingly changed his mind and put his hands back down.

The female caller told 911 that the man was armed, "jumping on top of cars" and "just going crazy."

Police said Bodycam footage released by law enforcement shows an officer approaching a black man wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts, who police said fit the description of the suspect. The officer calls out to the man, telling him to put his hands in the air so he can see them. Bender shouts: “Why do you have a gun on me?” though he appears to comply. However, moments later, he puts his hands down, shouting "don't touch me" as he walks away from the police. 

An officer tries to tackle Bender, but he fights him off with relative ease. Finally, in one final video released by the PD, Bender can be seen reaching for something from his waistband.

The office takes a step back, and fires at point blank range. Frozen frames of the video appear to show Bender pulling a gun out of his waistband. Police said a loaded handgun was recovered from the scene.

However, in an indication of just how radical the remaining protesters have become, those who took to the streets on Friday claimed that the officer still shouldn't have fired.

We can't help but wonder how they would have reacted if it was an armed white man who was shot by police?