Bloomberg 'Sound Of Freedom' Hit Piece Written By Pro-Pedo Contributor

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jul 17, 2023 - 08:40 PM

Following the release of the "Sound of Freedom," Jim Caviezel's anti-child-trafficking film, a chorus of mainstream hit-pieces came out denouncing it as a "QAnon" conspiracy flick.

But one author of a recent SoF hit-piece in Bloomberg isn't just against the movie, he's a pedo-defending freelancer who used to work for an organization working to normalize pedophilia.

Meet Noah Berlatsky: he's just your average liberal mainstream media news contributor. Ironically, Berlatsky's latest criticism of the drama focusing on the grave yet glossed over issue of child trafficking lambasted the movie with vitriolic scorn for perpetuating dangerous tropes, whilst he himself turned to the truly tired trope of accusing the movie of packaging together various QAnon conspiracy theories and being a movie made for alt-right boomers. There's just one problem...Berlatsky has a sordid history of advocating for the normalization of pedophilia.

In 2021, Berlatsky was named the communications director at Prostasia, a non-profit organization which has dedicates itself to a self-avowed mission of protecting children from sexual abuse. While that on its face sounds antithetical to advocating for the normalization of pedophilia, a deeper look into Prostasia's published content shows it merely masquerades under the guise of acting in the interest of protecting children from sexual abuse in order to promote a much more perverse ulterior motive.

In a 2018 piece addressing the FOSTA bill which was eventually signed into law as the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Trafficking Act, Prostasia laments the legislation's stigmatization of pedophiles. Prostasia's criticism of FOSTA is rife with the use of terms like "minor attracted persons" and the deluded idea of the virtuous pedophile, i.e., one who is sexually attracted to children but fights their urges to refrain from abuses them in a measure of self-restraint that the sex positive non-profit champions as some sort of moral paragon. If there's any doubt about Prostasia's pro-pedophilia stance, the organization literally facilitates a safe space for pedophiles, which it has dubbed its MAP Support Club Partnership.

Aside from his work with Prostasia since 2021, Berlatsky has a long history with promoting the idea that children can consent to sex with adults. In 2016, he published a piece titled Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police with The New Republic. In the article, Berlatsky takes aim at the 2012 film Eden which is another drama centered around exposing the grim realities of child sex abuse. Throughout the piece, Berlatsky refers to youth in the sex trade in a lexicon that alienates them from the idea that they are victims of human trafficking with the suggestion that minors should be free to work in the sex trade. Though Berlatsky does make some salient points about how statutes enforced by different states treat victims of child trafficking as criminals, the vernacular in which the piece is written in emanates the tone of Prostasia's own written content in which it attempts to normalize sex between minors and adults.

If there was any doubt about where Berlatsky's sentiment truly lies, all one has to do is look at his social media history in which he speaks out against the stigmatization of pedophiles. A noted supporter of "trans-kids", Berlatsky's history of perverted tweets also takes aim at the relationship between parents and their children, a cornerstone of the transgender movement which seeks to obscure its brainwashing children into gender dysphoria with a cacophony of language designed by groomers. Of course, Berlatsky has made his Twitter private since the revelation of these pro-pedophilia tweets came to light. However, that action proved to be too little and come too late.

Despite Berlatsky's opposition to the structure of the nuclear family, the author is married with children. However, his family would be described as anything but traditional. In a February 2023 piece for Yahoo News titled My Wife Is Bisexual And Nonbinary, And My Daughter Is Transgender. My Queer Family Helped Me Better Understand Myself And My Masculinity, Berlatsky paints a picture of the kind of life his radical ideology has molded his family into. Throughout the piece. Berlatsky chronicles his daughter's descent into ostensible gender dysphoria beginning in middle school when she came out to him and his wife as bisexual -- a coincidental parallel shared with his wife. By high school, she was convinced she was a transgender lesbian. Berlatsky attributes his wife's sexual orientation and nonbinary gender identity as pillars of support for their handling of their daughter's struggle with her gender identity. His narrative subjugates a traditional heterosexual male by demeaning himself for being that very thing throughout the piece while using his wife and daughter to exalt the superiority of the LGBTQ+ as the vanguard tasked with cultivating the modern family as means of advancing the pervasive agenda he shares with the likes of his cohorts at Prostasia.

A cursory examination of establishment media parasites the likes of Noah Berlatsky shows that the organized hostility against The Sound of Freedom isn't simply the tactic of the mainstream taking aim at a low-budget independent studio film that challenges Hollywood productions pining to be this summer's blockbuster. Instead, the criticism serves as a vehicle for advocates of the normalization of pedophilia to undermine any attempt to expose the cruel realities of the agenda they are promoting. By associating themselves with perverts like Berlatsky, NBC News, The Atlantic, WaPo, The Verge, Yahoo News, Insider, Bloomberg, and the other mainstream media outlets that have hosted his work show whose side they are on when it comes to protecting children, making the echoes of their criticisms of those speaking out against child trafficking ring hollow.