Border Patrol Captures Meth Plane's Drug Cargo In California

Perhaps drug smugglers are adjusting to President Trump's new border wall and increased patrols via US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. So far, about 200 miles of the latest high-tech fence has been erected, and stricter border enforcement overall has led to a decline in crossings this year. 

Traversing the international border has become more challenging for drug smugglers and could be the reason why some have resorted to using ultralight aircraft flying at low altitudes.

KXAN-TV in Austin, Texas, reports Monday CBP spotted an ultralight aircraft in US airspace moments before finding a duffle bag filled with meth. 

CBP agents in the El Centro Sector's Calexico Station followed the aircraft late Saturday night about three and a half miles north of the US-Mexico border. 

When agents responded to the dropoff zone - they found a 145.5-pound bag of methamphetamine in 26 clear plastic containers. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) determined the drugs were meth and said it has a street value of $327,375. 

Several images via CBP: 

Meth plane's cargo 

Here's an example of drug cartels using an ultralight aircraft to fly meth across the international border (note this is not the aircraft from Saturday's incident). 

Here's an instance where the border wall is ineffective against ultralight aircraft flying at low altitudes. Is it time to install MIM-104 Patriots along the border?