California Secretary Of State Posts Wrong Election Date

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jun 07, 2022 - 08:48 PM

Authored by Brad Jones via The Epoch Times,

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber posted the wrong date of the Tuesday, June 7, state primary election in an email to voters.

In the June 6 email, Weber wrote, “Beginning this Saturday, May 28th, early in-person voting is available in Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) counties.”

Weber has since issued a correction.

“Please disregard my previous email—Election Day is Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 7th—Early in-person voting options available now!!” she wrote.

Former Trump administration official Ric Grenell criticized Weber, telling The Epoch Times the mistake is unacceptable and that she “should resign.”

“Institutions that are conducting elections that are led by totally inexperienced leaders appointed by one person … don’t make mistakes; they show their incompetence,” he said.

“It’s truly outrageous that we have the system that we have. … It’s political patronage.

Grenell also raised questions about election integrity in the state.

“We’re flooding mailboxes with a plethora of mail-in ballots. Everyone I know is getting multiple ballots, bad ballots, ballots [for] family members that moved. The system is just a mess,” he said.

Weber could not be reached for comment on Monday evening.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Weber as Secretary of State last year to fill the vacancy left by Alex Padilla who was appointed to the U.S. Senate when Kamala Harris was elected Vice President.

Weber is currently running in the primary in her first election for Secretary of State.

Part of Weber’s job is to oversee elections, and she has campaigned on a platform of “making California the national leader in running inclusive, trustworthy, and transparent elections—expanding the franchise to more of our citizens, ensuring election security, and empowering voters to make informed decisions.”

Weber said on the Secretary of State website: “The Secretary of State’s Office is committed to ensuring that elections are free, fair, safe, secure, accurate, and accessible. Misinformation, intentional or otherwise, continues to confuse voters and sow distrust in the electoral process.”